Before they connect you with the president, you must overcome the barriers. How do world leaders talk to each other?

After the recent scandal related to the fact that our president was called by Russian comedians claiming to be the UN Secretary General and interviewed him later, I decided to see what methods of avoiding this type of situation are.

Surely there are regulations related to this type of talks between heads of state and leaders? What are the talks of world leaders like in an ideal situation?

Stephen Yates , advisor to former United States Vice President Dick Cheney describes it this way:

When diplomatic relations between two countries are established, representatives of both offices call each other and confirm their willingness to talk. When countries are not so close, diplomats join in. Each planned conversation has proposed topics and a roughly established agenda.

World leaders are usually prepared for the interview by their staff. It is normal for them to receive a summary of information about the interlocutor and a set of facts about the conversation. Information about the interviewee will also include information that helps to establish a good atmosphere for conversation - for example, a reminder to ask if your daughter got into the school of your dreams. The dossier provided in advance of the interview also contains a plan of the position and possible arguments, if there is any potential for negotiation. In the United States, it is also normal for a national security officer to listen to the conversation. Of course, if the conversation is not in the same language, interpreters will participate.

"For the president, this is a casual conversation, but it has already gone through many phases of checking," adds Yates. As we have seen recently, there are times when pranksters make their way through these procedures. The Polish president was not the first to experience this.

World leaders who were fooled

In 2016, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy fell victim to a joke by a radio presenter claiming to be an associate of the Catalan separatist leader. When they managed to get connected with the prime minister, an actor took the place of the presenter, who successfully imitated the characteristic accent of the Catalan leader.

A similar situation happened to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who received a phone call from a follower of the opposition leader William Hague. In turn, Cuban leader Fidel Castro spoke in 2004 with a radio presenter from Miami, pretending to be the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez.

The situation where the unexpected surprises of the president or the prime minister picked up the phone happened more than once and it will certainly happen again. It is worthwhile for the services organizing the president's work and contacts to draw conclusions for the future from each such situation.

Before they connect you with the president, you must overcome the barriers. How do world leaders talk to each other?


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