Apple will now tell you what hardware you are missing and what you need to buy. Get your wallet ready

photo: Pixabay

Built-in iOS and iPadOS application for purchasing Apple products has been enriched with a new section. It is called For You and is designed to help you choose the next equipment.

The new For You section, which will appear in the Apple Store application after the latest update, is nothing more than an attempt to sell us another Apple product. Fortunately, she does it quite skillfully.

In this section we will find all Apple devices related to our Apple ID, and the application itself, having this information, will try to offer us another purchase - matching what we already have.

Apple Store For you with purchase recommendations and more. The application will also help with other little things.

In addition to product recommendations, the application will also offer various advice related to the use of the devices we already have. It also allows you to compare different versions of the same device model, as well as display all compatible accessories with each of our Apple devices.

The comparison engine seems particularly useful. When, for example, we enter the iPhone product page, the application will display a comparison of our phone with newer models. It will also allow us to compare two newer models so that we understand better what we pay extra for and whether it is worth the extra cash.

The update is now available via the App Store.

Apple will now tell you what hardware you are missing and what you need to buy. Get your wallet ready


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