Apple s glasses will someday be as common as today AirPods headphones. Test production begins

Apple Glass, as the design is called, can be the next big step in technology. Augmented reality glasses are already in production, but for the time being only for testing purposes.

The AR glasses from Apple have been talked about for a long time, but recently the topic returns with doubled strength. We are getting more and more leaks and analyzes of people associated with the manufacturer . An image of a new, very exciting product category emerges from their statements.

Apple Glass is meant to be what Google Glass was meant to be.

The whole concept of screens placed right in front of the eyes for years passed through science fiction movies and series, and for several years it has been trying to break into the real world as well. The loudest attempt to implement this idea was Google Glass , which had a small transparent screen at the edge of the field of view that could display information. This could be e.g. smartphone notifications.

In the meantime, the entire spectrum of VR goggles appeared, but only a few projects developed the concept of AR, i.e. augmented reality. One of the loudest was Holo Lens from Microsoft.

What did others fail, and what can Apple do?

According to leaks, Apple Glass glasses will have what the competition could not create. On the one hand, they will be miniature glasses, which are a kind of extension of the Google Glass idea. On the other hand, the screen can be on the entire surface of the glass, not just in the corner. Thus, the project would refer to Holo Lens, but in a very minimalist form.

Why do we need AR glasses? There are plenty of applications. For me it will be a development of the smartwatch idea. Instead of looking at the vibrating wrist, we'll see a notification in front of our eyes, somewhere on the edge of the field of view. Who knows, maybe the glasses will also be able to display navigation and other elements that previously required a smartphone.

Apple glasses are coming out of the prototype phase. Production for testing purposes begins.

Apple launches test production of semi-transparent AR glasses . Apple glasses have come out of the prototype phase and the production phase for testing begins. It is still not mass production. This can happen in about three years.

The latest leaks speak of the production of "semi-permeable" glasses as well as polarized glasses. Perhaps we are talking about sunglasses. We have heard about the so-called zeros, but also about prescription glasses. Apple is to allow the creation of prescription glasses with its display technology.

According to leaks, Apple's test glasses are slightly larger than typical prescription lenses. Production will take place at the Chengdu factory belonging to the Foxconn concern. The same factory has so far produced most iPads.

I can see it with the eyes of the imagination. Apple Glass in a few years will be as common as today AirPods headphones.

I believe that if Apple takes the AR glasses design, it will be done well. If the idea burns out, it will be a completely new product category that can revolutionize our reality. The semi-transparent screens placed right in front of the eyes certainly sound futuristic, but at the same time it is a very appealing vision.

Who knows, maybe in a few years we will see Apple glasses on the streets - especially the streets of cities of western countries - as often as we see AirPods headphones today.

Apple glasses will someday be as common as AirPods headphones today. Test production begins


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