Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake. What s new and when to update?

android 11 red velvet cake

Google has officially resigned from naming new Android editions. These have always come from desserts and clearly his staff miss them. Behind names, not desserts. Because they still use them.

10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow… these are the names of the last five Android editions. The newest one does not fit the collection - Google resigned from the terminology used so far. It was quite nice because it was governed by two rules. First things first: every name must be a dessert. Secondly, the name of the dessert must start with the next letter from the name of the previous one. Donut. Eclair. Froyo. And so on.

However, someone concluded that it was infantile and that it did not look serious. Therefore, after Android Pie we got Android 10. Its successor will be Android 11, and its Android 12 - and so on. However, Google employees did not stop using these more appetizing names.

Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake. What do we know about the new system?

We learn about the internal name of the new Google system from the interview "frameborder =" 0 ″ allowfullscreen> conducted by All About Android with one of the company's employees. And what can we expect in the system itself ?

In Android 11, notifications from all messengers will be able to land in the so-called chat bubbles, i.e. a way to keep conversations always at hand, as seen on Messenger. The messaging notifications will also be conveniently grouped in the notification center.

Android 11 with brand new emojis
Android 11 emoji

With version 11, we will be able to grant applications temporary permission to the most sensitive data, such as location, camera or microphone. This means that in addition to blocking the permission, granting it permanently, or only granting it while the application is in use, we will be able to grant that permission once - and this will be revoked as soon as the application downloads the requested data.

Android 11 will also gain system support for sensitive documents, i.e. driving licenses or ID cards, through compliance with official standards such as ISO 18013-5. Google also assures that the feature that protects against unauthorized access to mass storage by applications - scoped storage - will now be easier for developers to implement. Just like the implementation of the API for biometric authentication, which will also be able to divide the authentication methods into stronger and weaker ones.

What's new in Android 11 Red Velvet Cake is more.

Camera apps will eventually be able to turn off vibrations when they're active. At the user's request, any notifications will be ignored while recording the image, there is no need to manually turn off the vibration. Android 11 will also be able to read the configuration of our operator plan with 5G connections. Depending on whether we have a limited or unlimited data packet, it will otherwise manage multimedia downloads and streaming - focusing on full quality and resolution, if limited data is a problem that does not concern us.

There will also be a system support for non-standard displays - i.e. those that are curved on the sides or have various types of indentations or holes. The system will be able to provide the application with information about non-standard screen modifications, thanks to which it will know that interactive or important graphic elements should not be rendered in a given place, because they are inaccessible to the user or uncomfortably reaching them.

Android 11 groups apps together in the share menu

The first phones should receive an update to the new system next fall.

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Android 11 is Red Velvet Cake. What's new and when to update?


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