Android 11 Beta 2 is here

The Android 11 Beta 2 is here. The second public trial version is now available for download for the Pixel smartphones.

The Android 11 Beta 2 is official. For the developers, this means that we have reached a milestone called "platform stability". For consumers, this means that there is only one more beta version before Android 11 is officially released.

While we can all look forward to the new version, the primary beneficiaries of this new milestone in platform stability are the developers. People developing Android apps that need to plan or plan for Android 11 changes know that APIs, SDKs, and libraries won't change in the future.

Android 11 is approaching the final rollout

For people already participating in the Android 11 beta program, Beta 2 will soon be released as an over-the-air update for Pixel 2, 3, 3a and 4. Registration for the beta program is still possible.

Technically advanced users can also manually flash factory images or sideload OTA images , even using the online tool Android Flash Tool .

Today was a possible date for the final rollout, supposedly planned to be September 8th .


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