Amazon Prime Video: series and film highlights in August 2020

Amazon Prime Video has some real highlights on offer this summer. The highlights for the coming month have been announced today.

A whole lot of series and film highlights are waiting for us again. New series are starting and there are also a few new films on offer.

Interesting new series and also new films will come to Amazon Prime Video users in August 2020.

All series restarts at Amazon Prime Video at a glance:

New series & seasons

Lucifer - Season 5, Part 1
Amazon Exclusive
exclusively available from 22.08.

Alex Rider - Season 1
Amazon Original
available exclusively from 07.08.

World's Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji - Season 1 (OV / OmU)
Amazon Original
exclusively available from 14.08.

The Last Narc - Season 1 (OV / OmU)
Amazon Original
exclusively available from 31.07.

For Umme - Season 1
exclusively available from 01.08.

Scandal - seasons 1-7
available from 07.08.

New films

Chemical Hearts
Amazon Original
exclusively available from 21.08.

Gemini Man
exclusively available from 13.08.

available exclusively from 07.08.

exclusively available from 28.08.

exclusively available from 15.08.

exclusively available from 29.08.

Then you sleep too
exclusively available 28.08.

Mortal Engines: City War
exclusively available 18.08.

The dragonfly and the rhinoceros
exclusively available from 20.08.

Loveletter - A second chance for love
exclusively available from 23.08.

A Boy Called Sailboat - Every miracle has its melody
exclusively available from 30.08.

Monsieur Pick's secret novel
exclusively available from 26.08.

Daughter of the Wolf
exclusively available from 08.08.

Unknown user: Dark Web
exclusively available from 11.08.

The cave - the gate to another time
exclusively available from 11.08.

Relentless - alone against the cartel
exclusively available from 12.08.

Outrage coda
exclusively available from 04.08.

Outrage Beyond
exclusively available from 04.08.

Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal
exclusively available from 09.08.

Little Teutons - A Childhood In The Right Scene
exclusively available from August 17th

available from 01.08.

New kids highlights

Jessy & Nessy - Season 1, Part 2
Amazon Original
available exclusively from 07.08.

Dora and the golden city
exclusively available from 20.08.

Rotschühchen and the seven dwarfs
exclusively available from 05.08.

Storm and the forbidden letter
exclusively available from 14.08.

Five friends and the valley of the dinosaurs
available from 16.08.

New titles to buy and borrow in the digital shop at Amazon

available to buy and borrow from 06.08.

Grandson for beginners
available for purchase from 06.08.
available to borrow from 20.08.

The wedding
available for purchase from 06.08.
available to borrow from 20.08.

Lassie: An adventurous trip
available for purchase from 27.08.
available to borrow from 10.09.

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