Amazon Prime Video: 71 films for 97 cents to borrow

The weekend is just around the corner. Reason enough for Amazon Prime Video to offer films for this time only 97 cents. There is again a decent selection, 71 films this time.

Of course, you would have to decide for yourself which one suits your taste in the end. From old cucumbers to quite new films there is a wide range to be found.

Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight, Inception and Sully with Tom Hanks in the leading role are recommended. There are really a lot of good stripes here.

So, just take a look at the 97 cents . This time the offer seems much better than the last few times.

The prerequisite is of course that you have a paid Amazon Prime membership. This costs EUR 7.99 a month. You can also test the offer free of charge for 30 days. The free trial membership does not commit you to anything.

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