Action Launcher 46 is here

The Action Launcher 46 is here. The new version has now received the first innovations from the upcoming Android 11.

The Action Launcher 46 now offers support for 5 new adaptive icon styles: flower, hexagon, pebble, square (conical) and vessel. There is also a significantly improved backup function with the new version. A daily backup is now possible with Google Drive.

Also new is the Quicktheme function, which automatically adjusts the search bar, folder and app drawer according to the color of the background image. In the following, these are the innovations of Action Launcher 46:

• 5 new Android 11 inspired adaptive icon styles, which work for icons AND folders
• Quicktheme supports for custom / manual colors
• Option to automatically backup your layout daily to Google Drive
• Improved Android 11 compatibility
• Option to disable ActionDash integration

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Action Launcher 46 is there first appeared on Xiaomist .


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