A new Gmail is coming. It has to be more than just mail

One would like to say - finally. Google is finally consolidating its applications into one powerful program. Meet Gmail for Work.

Google has its portfolio with all the favorite tools of numerous teams around the world. The largest email client? Is. About 15 messengers? Is. New video messenger? Is. Powerful cloud infrastructure already used by companies from around the world? Is.

It is a pity that so far in all these services there is a harsh mess, which only paves the way for market dominance for smaller players (like Slack) and Google's main rival, Microsoft.

There are many indications that Google wants to change this.

Gmail for Work combines four applications into one.

Information about the new version of Gmail is currently unconfirmed and unofficial. Its source is the programmer Tahin Rahman, who allegedly came across a new application in the resources of this year's Google Cloud Next.

However, the graphics look very reliable, and the direction of Gmail's development on them seems to be completely logical.

The new application is to combine four services into one: e-mail, text chat, "rooms", i.e. channels known from Slack or MS Teams, and video calls.

Gmail for Work also contextually suggests which messages and rooms are prioritized and which ones can wait a bit longer for our attention.

Of course, there is tight integration with the Google cloud, and therefore access to team Google Drive, Documents and Calendar.

Google wants to create a place where teams will have access to all relevant information, news, resources and agenda. There is nothing to bewitching about - it's a necessary, but delayed reaction to huge success and unflagging interest in Slack, MS Teams or Cisco Webex.

The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet. Other countries are preparing for the second wave of cases, and thus - for the second round of work in 100 percent. remote.

Google slept through those months of 2020 that employees spent in a forced home office. He did not have tools that could compete with other solutions dedicated to remote work.

No wonder then that a new version of Gmail is being prepared behind the scenes to meet this demand.

Release Date? Unknown.

Just as any details about the new Gmail are unknown, except for those few screenshots allegedly coming from Google Cloud Next.

However, you can safely assume that Gmail for Work will not be a "new Gmail" for everyone, but rather a separate application prepared for subscribers of the company's G Suite packages.

A new Gmail is coming. It has to be more than just mail


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