A must-have addition for iPad Pro. Logitech showed a new keyboard that doesn t cost a fortune

After the usual iPad, it's time for iPad Pro. Logitech presented its Folio Touch keyboard for the most expensive Apple tablet.

After all, some alternative to the obscenely poor Smart Keyboard Folio and the obscenely expensive Magic Keyboard.

The colleagues from the editorial office are probably preparing wood for my pile, but I belong to the group who thinks the latest Apple keyboard is some sort of cosmic misunderstanding.

ipad pro 2020

Adjustment range - negligible. Work position - one. Price? PLN 1499 for iPad Pro 11. What about typing on the keyboard and drumming our fingers on the bottom edge of the tablet? Oh there, oh there, you can get used to it. And who would care about the drainage of the battery in the tablet ...

But enough of these malice. Fortunately, there are companies in the world that can fix Apple design stupidies with a suitable accessory, and this is the case with the new Logitech keyboard .

Logitech Folio Touch for iPad Pro costs half as much as Magic Keyboard.

And it can do much, much more than the Apple keyboard.

Logitech is taking the pattern from the company that has the highest-quality tablet keyboards - from Microsoft. After fastening the Logitech Folio Touch to an iPad, the Apple tablet looks like a Microsoft Surface Pro.

The automatically backlit keyboard connects to the tablet via an Apple Smart Connector. It has a dedicated storage space for the Apple Pencil and a cutout at the top for magnetic charging of the stylus.

The back has a hinge adjustable in 40 degrees.

Logitech Folio touch ipad pro

At any time, we can also flip the keyboard to the other side to use the tablet like ... a tablet.

We can also fold the hinge and rotate the tablet to use for sketching.

Yes, neither of these three things can be done by the Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro.

Like the Logitech Combo Touch keyboard for iPad 7 and iPad Air, we also have a trackpad and a row of function keys. Oh yes, we won't find them in Magic Keyboard either.

Of course, the Logitech keyboard is no masterpiece of engineering there. It is simply a neat combination of plastics, which without a doubt makes a worse impression on the keyboard than Magic Keyboard and does not look as "magical" as it does. Functionally, however, beats every native Apple solution, while costing much less from them.

Logitech Folio touch ipad pro

Logitech Folio Touch is expected to be available later this month and will cost $ 159. in version for iPad Pro 11.

We don't know the Polish price yet, but judging by the fact that the keyboard for iPad 7 costs PLN 649, I would not expect an amount higher than PLN 799. That is almost half lower than for Magic Keyboard and still lower than the extremely unsuccessful Smart Keyboard Folio.

We do not yet know the price and availability of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro version, but it can be expected to appear soon.

The keyboard with trackpad is a must-have accessory for the iPad Pro today .

iPad Pro has the computing power to embarrass most ultra-portable laptops, and since Apple introduced keyboard and mouse support in iPadOS, it can actually become a super fast and super mobile computer.

I have been using Surface Pro myself for years and I know that this device format is probably the most universal computer format that exists. A tablet when we want to consume content. A laptop when we want to create content. A desktop computer when we need a larger workspace.

So if you have an iPad Pro and want to buy a keyboard for it - wait for the one from Logitech. There may be no magic in the name, but you'll probably be happier with it than with the oddly expensive Apple keyboard.

A must-have addition for iPad Pro. Logitech showed a new keyboard that doesn't cost a fortune


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