A cynic would point out that the COVID-19 pandemic has fallen from the sky to Microsoft

Microsoft has published its financial results for the past quarter. Compulsory social isolation provided the company with much higher revenues than anticipated. Both Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as… Xbox or Surface soared.

I am absolutely convinced that most of Microsoft's executives are not at all pleased with the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic . After all, it is quite a tragedy, taking its toll both in the form of human lives and the inevitable economic crisis. If, however, there is an exceptionally calculating type in the ranks of the management, it will certainly thank fate for this epidemic.

It turned out that when it came to solving crises in companies and schools, Microsoft was very often asked for help. The demand for Azure consumption has increased, because the corporate applications hosted there generate record traffic and new ones are being implemented all the time. The demand for Windows, Microsoft 365 and Surfaces has increased, because we all try to work and learn at home - and we must have something. And finally, we go out much less for entertainment purposes - so we kill time with the Xbox. In fact, the only service that has seen significant declines in revenue is Bing: advertisers are apparently spending their money more cautiously due to the crisis.

This provided the company with revenues of $ 38 billion, which translated into operating profit of $ 13.4 billion.

Xbox and Surface have something to be proud of.

xbox series x allegro release date

Xbox revenue grew 64 percent. However, it is not only responsible for the increase in console sales, and above all - as reported by Microsoft - a very large increase in sales of games and services, both from Microsoft and partners. The hardware itself (consoles and accessories) also sold great: the company reported a 49 percent increase in revenue from this.

Surface also saw significant increases. More specifically: A 28 percent increase in sales generated revenues of $ 1.7 billion. Clearly, the pandemic has provided increased demand for work and study equipment.

Huge increase in consumer versions of Windows . Paradoxically, this may also be the effect of work from home and the growing importance of Azure .

Windows revenues increased 6 percent ($ 337 million). Interestingly, the sales of business licenses (Pro, Enterprise and similar) are mainly growing, while this time the largest increase (34%) was recorded by consumer versions of Windows.

microsoft 365 for home users

Many companies were not able to provide their employees with work computers, just as many schools and universities could not provide them. Certainly, at least some of the Readers of Spider's Web know about it, who had to arrange a PC for themselves or their children on a cito during the pandemic. A PC bought by an individual user most often works under Windows 10 Home - Pro editions and higher are purchased mainly as part of B2B.

The possibility of further work and learning even without company equipment is possible thanks to online services and cloud computing. No wonder that the intelligent cloud segment at Microsoft has grown by 17% (revenue: $ 13.4 billion). A 5- and 6-percent increase was also recorded by, respectively, corporate and consumer editions of the Microsoft 365 services package (probably mainly due to Office). As of today, 42.7 million individual users (and therefore not corporate customers) use Microsoft 365. LinkedIn saw a 10% increase, and Dynamics 13%.

In fact, it was only Bing that was hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Consumers are starting to be clearly more cautious and are not so easily tempted by advertising. They click on them less frequently and transactions are made less often as a result of clicks. As a result, Bing posted an 18 percent drop in revenues, even before deducting traffic acquisition costs. Although we clearly do not regret the money for Xboxes, Surfaces and other PCs.

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A cynic would point out that the COVID-19 pandemic has fallen from the sky to Microsoft


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