5G hasn t started yet, and Samsung is already vising about 6G

5G hasn't settled in for good yet, and you can hear the buzzing about the start of the next generation network. Samsung explains what we can expect from 6G.

In fact, the revolution associated with the transition to the new, fifth generation of cellular communications has not yet taken place. In addition, many of the noisy announcements, such as remote operations and ping at 1 ms, are still a pipe dream or understatement. Still, we want 5G to at least increase network bandwidth, which could offload clogging LTE.

It is also true that 5G already works in Poland , but remember that so far on narrow bands previously used by LTE. We are still waiting for the subject of the 5G auction to come back, which was canceled together with the President of the Office of Electronic Communications and there is no certainty that it will take place again - maybe politicians will come up with another plan to divide the frequency in the 3.4-3.8 GHz band between operators.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

Samsung's free 5G adoption doesn't bother. The manufacturer already has visions about 6G .

It is of course not surprising that the R&D departments of the largest technology companies in the world are now working on 6G. It is expected that this communication standard will be available in a decade, but Samsung believes that it will have ready equipment with the appropriate modems two years earlier, because already in 2028. However, phones are not propagated here.

Samsung explains that the most important users of the 5th generation network will not be people, but ... machines. Over the next decade, 500 billion devices are to connect to the network, which is 59 times more than the estimated population of Earth will be (there will be 8.5 billion of us). Consumer equipment will evolve from smartphones, and AR / VR glasses will be on the agenda.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

The biggest advantages of 6G is to be the possibility of achieving a peak transfer 50 times higher than in the case of 5G, so we are talking about an order of 1000 Gb / s. In addition, 1 Gb / s bandwidth is to be on the agenda, and the number of devices per square kilometer that the base station will be able to support is to increase 10-fold.

In addition, within 6G, data transfer delays between the terminal and base station are to be further reduced from 1 millisecond to only 100 microseconds. The next generation network is also to be 100 times less prone to errors and twice as cheap to maintain when it comes to power consumption. This will enable split computing, i.e. using some of the computing power locally, parts in the cloud and connecting them.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

What is the use of such a 6G from Samsung's vision?

First of all, the quality of services provided now based on LTE and those that will enable 5G in the field of smart car, smart cities and work automation in factories will improve. Communication modules with a high degree of reliability and low delays will help.

In addition, 6G will allow you to scan the environment in this impossible dimension. Instead of reconciling with the imperfections of human eyes, scientists will be able to explore the world with algorithms at a speed that ordinary mortals will never be able to achieve.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

In addition, Samsung sees the opportunity for virtual reality in the 6th generation network, as it will need a stable bandwidth of 0.44 Gb / s to display 16 million pixels simultaneously. And why so much? The company explains that this is what our eyes have.

In addition, the display of multimedia content will change. Instead of content on smartphones, we will be able to display holograms generated in the cloud, which with a 6.7-inch phone will devour 580 Gb / s. A human hologram would need a terabyte transfer rate.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

6G will also allow you to create digital copies of both places and people.

Thanks to this, in the virtual reality of the future it will be possible to recreate all places, people and events - or at least their appearance. Digital twins will be able to use robots so that, for example, a future employee visits the office "remotely" before appearing at work for the first time.

In such a situation, a human would have an impact via the robot on the real world, and this influence could be reflected in the image from the goggles. However, Samsung has calculated that duplication of one square meter would require a transfer of 800 Gb / s, again unreachable for LTE.

6G Samsung 5G parameters

In addition, Samsung shows that it will be necessary to properly prepare teraherz frequencies, as it is now the case with the mmWave band for the needs of 5G. It is possible that artificial intelligence will help in managing the 6th generation network.

Of course, it should be remembered that this is all a pipe phone manufacturer's dream so far. In most countries, including Poland, the transition to the fifth generation of the network is also not a matter of months, but years, and only in 2021 interested parties will start looking at 6G seriously.

5G hasn't started yet, and Samsung is already vising about 6G


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