Xiaomi could shortly launch a new 165Hz gaming monitor with Freesync and G-sync

Although Xiaomi has already entered fully into the world of computer monitors, new rumors suggest that soon we would see a model thinking about the gaming world , equipped with some of the most interesting features.

And it is that, according to the latest data that reaches us through Ishan Agarwal, Xiaomi could be finalizing the preparations for the launch of a new 27-inch monitor . This also would incorporate a much higher refresh rate than even that of your Xiaomi Mi Surface Display .

In detail, this new gaming monitor would reach a refresh rate of no less than 165Hz , a fairly high rate that is increasingly being used more competitively, especially in shooter-type games.

The new Xiaomi gaming monitor would have Freesync and G-sync compatibility

Xiaomi could shortly launch a new 165Hz gaming monitor with Freesync and G-sync. Xiaomi News

Xiaomi Mi Surface Display, the most advanced gaming monitor from Xiaomi.

Likewise, according to these rumors, this new Xiaomi gaming monitor would arrive in the coming weeks incorporating compatibility with Freesync technologies from AMD and G-sync from NVIDIA, thus improving synchronization and thus avoiding possible cuts in the image.

In short, a most interesting monitor that at the moment only remains in a simple rumor . It remains to be seen if information about this is gradually appearing or if the existence of a new range of gaming monitors is confirmed in the coming weeks.

Source | Twitter

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