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Xiaomi Cloud Disk, Xiaomi s new Google Drive-style service will arrive on June 29

A little over a month ago we told you about Xiaomi Cloud Disk , a new Google Drive-style service that unexpectedly appeared on certain Xiaomi devices, being now when it has been announced when it will be its official launch.

Storage in the cloud allows us to not worry about our smartphone or any other physical medium deteriorating, safeguarding our data. For this Xiaomi has Mi Cloud , a subscription service that is expanded with the arrival of Xiaomi Cloud Disk .

Xiaomi Cloud Disk, what it is and when it will reach our smartphones

In detail, Xiaomi Cloud Disk has an operation very similar to that of Google Drive, allowing us to synchronize and make a backup of our documents , whether they are text documents, PDF or any other format.

Xiaomi Cloud Disk, Xiaomi's new Google Drive-style service will arrive on June 29. Xiaomi  News

Xiaomi Cloud Disk.

With this, Xiaomi Cloud Disk joins Mi Cloud as an option, allowing us not only to synchronize our gallery, contacts, recordings and notes, but also to synchronize practically any file stored on our smartphone . In itself, Xiaomi Cloud Disk will allow us to:

  • Cloud storage : now we can also synchronize our music, videos and other files in the Xiaomi cloud in order to save space on our smartphone.
  • See : Xiaomi Cloud Disk allows us to view our stored files on the go, whether they are documents, images, music or videos.
  • Management : from Xiaomi Cloud Disk we can download our synchronized files, delete them, rename them, create folders, among other functions.

Its launch, at least in China, will take place on June 29 and will be exclusively for Xiaomi mobile devices. Meanwhile, its launch for use beyond Chinese borders will have to wait.

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