Windows 10 will update the drivers more carefully. Stability over performance

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Microsoft will be very closely watching the behavior of computers after driver updates. This is to eliminate the situation in which the automatic update causes problems with the stability of the computer.

New versions of drivers - and therefore libraries informing the operating system about how the equipment connected to the computer works - remove defects in old versions, sometimes introducing new functions to the equipment or even increasing the efficiency of its work in certain applications. Who would not want such a free update?

The problem is that the driver is programming code that runs on a low level of the operating system. A failure in such a driver can cause the entire computer to cause problems - for example, due to unstable operation and frequent hangs. Microsoft intends more to protect itself against such situations.

Driver analysis by Windows 10 . It will be much more stable after the upgrade.

Under Microsoft's new policy, the graphics card driver is considered low quality or faulty when it crashes the Edge browser at least once a year. In addition, as part of the testing ground, Windows will look at the causes of failure of popular instant messengers. As in the case of Edge - in terms of the ears caused by the graphic driver.

In addition, Microsoft will closely analyze what is happening to the driver within two days of installing it. If it is replaced by an older version or another driver during this time - also manually by the user - that driver will be sent for analysis. A policy of not publishing new driver versions in Windows Update during holidays and non-working days has also been introduced.

All this is to ensure that a driver update carried out by the Windows Update system mechanism almost never, except for truly exceptional situations, will not negatively affect the operation of the computer. It remains to keep our fingers crossed.

Windows 10 will update the drivers more carefully. Stability over performance


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