The number of infected with coronavirus may be 100,000 in Poland Meanwhile, the government is loosening restrictions

On May 30, the government introduced the fourth stage of defrosting the economy, thus abolishing subsequent regulations introduced during the epidemic. However, the epidemic itself does not seem to slow down enough to explain our government's actions.

Let it not be, in this case I am only interested in the consequence of our power. At the very beginning of the pandemic, Poland came fifth in terms of the number of restrictions imposed on citizens - higher than China. Until recently, we could leave the house for only a few clearly defined reasons, dressed in masks and obliged to maintain distance and hygiene.

In the name of these principles, many of us have even given up on traditional family meetings on Easter Sunday. However, I understand the government's actions, which were translated as a quick and decisive response that allowed us to avoid the Italian scenario. Perfect, the state passed the exam.

There are, however, several issues

These successively introduced stages of defrosting the economy and loosening the regulations do not have much correlation with the coronavirus infection curve. It is true that only 219 new coronavirus infections were detected on the last day, which is the least since March 30, when 193 infections were confirmed. Throughout May, however, the daily number of detected cases was slightly higher.

In the last May week, the daily average of detected cases was almost 380. At the same time, the government eased subsequent restrictions - forests, shopping malls, hairdressers opened, gyms will open soon, and from Saturday, leaving the block, I do not have to put on a mask.

Only since we returned to the situation from the end of March, when many Poles, wrapped in masks, stood in queues for several hours to supermarkets for an annual supply of toilet paper, why this difference in regulations? The Minister of Health announced that all changes related to the regulations introduced during the global pandemic will be adjusted on an ongoing basis and depending on the disease curve.

I don't quite see a colossal difference enough to open shopping malls and endure the injunction to wear masks under the open sky. And I have not mentioned a word here about Silesia, which seems to be the new center of coronavirus infection in our country. Or it is simply the region where most tests are performed.

Experts have very similar doubts

- We also know more or less how many cases we have. It is not true that 22,000, because these are the clinically symptomatic ones we caught (...) so you have to count 80-100 thousand cases that have passed, does he have a virus in some way - says prof. Krzysztof Simon, head of the Infectious Diseases and Hepatology Clinic of the Medical University in Wrocław.

Opinion of prof. Simon about 80-100 thousand cases of infections in Poland no longer sound so optimistic, but it coincides with studies according to which about 80 percent. the sick show no symptoms. If this is true, in the current situation it is much easier to get infected with coronavirus than at the beginning of the epidemic. Simon also criticized the government's decision to open stadiums, churches and issue a permit to organize weddings. We have known for a while that coronavirus likes crowds ...

Hence the accusation of lack of consistency on the part of the government. In fact, loosening the restrictions looks like a step towards moving to the Swedish model, rather than actually controlling the situation in which we managed to minimize the risk of infection to the extent that it feels relatively safe.

Of course, I can also be wrong and everything will go according to the government plan - the disease curve will start to fall steadily, and we will be glad that our life has returned to relative normality. It all depends on the statistics from June.

The number of infected with coronavirus may be 100,000 in Poland Meanwhile, the government is loosening restrictions


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