The ministry has an idea on how to fight unsorted waste. These are trash bags stickers

One container and dozens of garbage bags - finding this one (yes, the optimistic version) of a person who stubbornly throws everything - glass, plastic and paper - into one sack, is now almost impossible, but the Climate Ministry has an idea how to change it .

Although segregating rubbish is obligatory , and you are punished for signing off from this not very complicated activity, many people still throw everything in one bag and do nothing about the current regulations. Penalties for such waste frivolity can be up to four times the basic rate for waste disposal, but hardly anyone scares it off. A punishment, to be effective, must first of all be inevitable, and this, especially in the case of houses with many tenants, is extremely difficult to provide.

According to Dziennik Gazeta Prawna , for this reason the Ministry of Climate is working on an amendment to the provisions of the Act on waste that would solve this problem and allow easier identification of junk rebels. One of the ideas that may be in it is to introduce stickers with codes identifying garbage owners. The idea sounds intriguing, but it is not clear yet what exactly the garbage collection coding system would look like.

Companies, office buildings and shopping malls can expect higher rates for garbage collection .

The ministry wants non-residential property owners to pay more for garbage collection. The current regulations, according to the calculations of some local governments cited by Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, show that the local residents add PLN 5 on average for the collection of company rubbish. The reason is the applicable regulations that make it profitable for local governments to exclude owners of non-residential real estate from municipal waste management systems.

According to newspaper journalists, according to the new proposed contributions, companies or shopping malls would pay for a 120-liter waste container up to over PLN 30, for a larger, 1,100-liter container for which they currently pay up to PLN 58, they will pay up to about PLN 300 . So this is undoubtedly not just a symbolic move.

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The ministry has an idea on how to fight unsorted waste. These are trash bags stickers


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