The creator of Chernobyl and Breaking Bad joins The Last of Us. A hit is coming

We will play The Last of Us Part II next Friday, but this is not the end of the news from this universe. A serial adaptation is being created by HBO, and another creator of Chernobyl has just joined the crew.

There is no doubt that The Last of Us is one of the most movie games of all time. Playing this title seven years ago, I regretted the fact that my girlfriend doesn't like video games. I was convinced that if the same story had been presented in the form of a series, we would have watched it together with baked goods on the face.

Fortunately, similar conclusions have been reached by HBO, which is preparing a serial production based on The Last of Us. I am glad that HBO, which is famous for its high level, came for the series.

Another creator of Chernobyl joins the crew producing The Last of Us series.

The HBO Chernobyl miniseries were an absolute revelation of last year. The story presented in eight episodes, although it was well known, kept suspense until the very end. The big advantage of this is a great cast, but also a sensational script and the greatest supporting heroine: stage design. The latter was refined in the smallest details.

Some time ago we visited that the Chernobyl screenwriter Craig Mazin would be responsible for the series The last of Us. Mazin and HBO overseeing production is a perfect combination. The whole thing will be supervised by Neil Druckmann, the leader of the Naughty Dog studio, who created the original game.

Now it's time for another fantastic news. Johan Renck , the director of all eight Chernobyl episodes, officially joins the crew of The Last of Us. Renck has confirmed that he will direct the pilot of the new series, but has not yet commented on the next episodes.

All this makes the series based on The Last of Us promise to be really intriguing.

In many cases, movies and TV series based on video games are a huge flap created for anyone. The story requires knowledge of the game, but the story is simplified enough that players are not satisfied with the film adaptations.

The HBO team gives hope that this time will be different. Johan Renck has directed not only Chernobyl, but also Halt and Catch Fire, Vikings and - above all - several episodes of my beloved, outstanding Breaking Bad.

HBO has a huge credit of trust among fans of the series, and close cooperation with Naughty Dog promises consistency with the game world. The potential is huge. Gentlemen, don't break it!

The creator of Chernobyl and Breaking Bad joins The Last of Us. A hit is coming


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