Tesla presents a battery for 2 million kilometers

A new milestone for electric cars? Tesla now has a battery for two million kilometers mileage in cooperation with the Chinese battery manufacturer Catlin (Contemporary Amperex Technology) developed .

2 million kilometers mileage. This corresponds to a lifespan of 16 years. Completely new, previously almost utopian values ​​for a battery for an electric car. This would allow an electric car to travel around the world 50 times before the battery needs to be replaced.

According to the manufacturer, the battery will also be around 10 percent more expensive to manufacture than the previously used. However, it probably lasts longer than the car itself. And that puts the price back in perspective, because there is no need to replace the battery during its useful life.

Thanks to Tesla stable prices for used electric cars?

And this new battery could also ensure that electric cars will be significantly more stable in value than before. Because when you buy a used car, you no longer have to be afraid that the most expensive part of the car must be replaced with the battery. That should keep prices stable.

According to Zeng Yuqun, the head of Catl's supervisory board, production of the new battery can start immediately. There shouldn't be any delivery problems either, Catl is the largest battery manufacturer in the world. In addition to Tesla, Toyota and the German manufacturer BMW are among the company's customers.

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