Tesla: New Gigafactory could be built in the UK

Since the construction of the Tesla Gigafactory 4 near Berlin is currently in full swing, the manufacturer is already looking for land for a possible Gigafactory 5. And it seems that they have found what they are looking for in Great Britain.

China is also making further progress with the construction of the plant, and Elon Musk will shortly name another location for the construction of a new plant in the USA. So Tesla seems to be in the fast lane.

According to Property Week , the manufacturer is now looking for suitable land in Great Britain for the construction of another factory. The company is looking for a location for research, development and production of electric cars.

Tesla is not explicitly mentioned, but it can only be the car manufacturer. This comes as a surprise, however, because Musk had actually said that after Britain's exit from the EU, an investment there was too risky.

But as fast as the market is, Tesla may have changed its mind. Building another Gigafactory in the UK could also speed up the construction of right-hand drive vehicles. These are not only needed on the island, but also in another country.

The article Tesla: New Gigafactory could be built in Great Britain first appeared on Xiaomist .


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