Surface Duo before Galaxy Fold 2. Microsoft wants to surprise everyone with a new phone

Equipped with two Surface Duo displays, it is expected to be available in a few weeks. Microsoft for some reason supposedly wants to be on time before the premiere of the new Samsung phone.

Surface Duo was first presented in October last year. This is Microsoft's return to the phone market, although not with the ambitions that accompanied the Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile platforms. Duo is to be a relatively niche device, although innovative. Interestingly, it does not work under the control of any version of Windows - it was decided to adapt to its needs Android.

The most interesting element of Surface Duo is its construction. The phone resembles a notebook for notes, and both displays are placed in the inner part. This means that the phone should provide very convenient multi-tasking work on many applications at the same time - although on the other hand you will have to open it first to be able to use it or even check notifications.

Surface Duo sales are expected to start before August.


According to the information Zac Bowden has reached , Microsoft's goal is to launch Surface Duo before Samsung launches Galaxy Fold 2 phone on store shelves. It is unclear where this competition comes from, especially given the close cooperation between the two companies on the mobile phone market. In any case, Fold 2 is expected to appear on August 5, which gives Microsoft very little time.

Surface Duo will be equipped with a Snapdragon 855 system with 6 GB RAM. Versions with 64 GB and 256 GB of memory are to be selected. The phone will also contain a single 11-megapixel camera. Its two displays are to have a 5.6-inch diagonal and a resolution of 1800 x 1350 pixels (4: 3). A battery with a capacity of 3460 mAh is to be responsible for working time without charging.

Surface Duo before Galaxy Fold 2. Microsoft wants to surprise everyone with a new phone


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