Scientists have found a way to make solar panels efficient. Finally

Scientists from the Singapore Institute for Solar Energy have created the most efficient solar panels in the world. Combining well-known technologies with each other.

The solution referred to is not 100 percent. Universal. But its efficiency is about 35 percent. higher compared to solutions offered on the market. According to Carlos Rodríguez-Gallegos, who led the research, the idea that originated in Singapore is the most cost-effective application of solar panels, which is able to reduce the average cost of electricity by up to 16 percent.

How to increase the efficiency of photovoltaic panels?

Okay, but what is this innovative idea? In short: a combination of double-sided panels with the sun tracking mechanism. The latter solution in the photovoltaic industry is often referred to as tracker or tracking. The operating principle is not too complicated. The photovoltaic installation is equipped with sensors that track the position of the Sun on the horizon and on this basis set itself in the optimal direction and the optimal account when it comes to energy production.

Ok, so we have the first known technology. What did researchers from Singapore connect her to? Tracker control has been adapted to double-sided solar panels, whose biggest advantage is, of course, that they also absorb solar energy reflected from the Earth.

More energy for a lower price

Rodríguez-Gallegos says that the goal of every solar panel is to absorb as much solar energy as possible. Currently, solar panels around the world are installed mainly with a fixed orientation and absorb light from one side only.

According to scientists, the use of double-sided panels would generate 35 percent. more energy in combination with two-axis trackers and 40 percent more in combination with two-axis trackers. This calculation was based on global weather data regarding the position of the sun and cloud density on an annual basis.

In their calculations, the group also included costs related to materials, construction and maintenance of solar panels. According to scientists, double-sided, movable panels would reduce the cost of a kilowatt hour by 16% on average. The downside of this idea is that not all simpler installations could be replaced. We are talking here about panels mounted on the roofs of single-family houses, in which neither a movable installation nor double-sided panels simply do not make sense. However, for solar farms, combining these two ideas would bring tangible benefits. With the growing demand for green energy, research at the Solar Research Institute is extremely valuable.

Scientists have found a way to make solar panels efficient. Finally


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