PlayStation 5 conference on Thursday. Sony advises: "Better put on headphones"

The conference presenting the first dedicated games PlayStation 5 is to be broadcast in stereo. Sony notes that we use headphones or sound system to be able to fully appreciate the show.

The image quality of the broadcast of the first games show on PlayStation 5 will leave much to be desired. For today, broadcasting in 4K resolution is relatively easy even for amateurs - that we will not mention the giant of Sony class - meanwhile the conference will be streamed live in 1080p format at 30 fps .

This will significantly hamper the evaluation of the graphic design of the presented games - after all, in many cases we count on a twice higher 4K resolution at a twice higher 60fps frame. Let only the bit rate of the signal be high - maybe we avoid the so-called compression artifacts, which further degrade image quality.

The soundtrack is to be at a high level. Sony asks that we put on headphones for the PlayStation 5 game show.

Apparently, the soundtrack is to be an important part of the show, which we will not notice - or rather not hear - watching the transmission on a laptop or phone and using their built-in speakers. I do not remember the conference, which the organizer paid special attention to. Although it is part of the narrative associated with the new generation of consoles.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will be equipped with dedicated components for audio processing, in both cases using ray tracking algorithms to obtain realistic surround sound. New games are not only supposed to sound great, but also their sound setting is not to affect the load on the main processor of both consoles.

The PlayStation 5 games show will take place this Thursday. The console is expected to be available at the end of this year.

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PlayStation 5 conference on Thursday. Sony advises: "Better put on headphones"


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