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My MacBook Pro 16 has stopped overheating. It took only half a year

With Apple's approach to clients it can be a bit like with webmasters. They will solve every problem, you don't have to remind them every six months.

It's been over six months since the MacBook Pro 16 was released, and since I became its (un) lucky owner. But only today, for the first time since purchase, can I say that I am completely satisfied with it.

Knock on wood.

MacBook Pro 16 has problems with overheating.

MacBook Pro 16 long-term review

I bought the most expensive Apple laptop with the intention of using it both as a laptop and as a desktop replacement. I thought that for a machine costing several thousand PLN use with a docking station and a 4K monitor will be an effortless task.

I was wrong. It turned out that the MacBook Pro 16 has one critical flaw : it heats up like a bad one as soon as you connect a monitor to it.

Initially, it seemed that the issue only applies to 4K monitors, or only a specific scaling option. As the problem appeared for more users, it turned out that the problem could affect any monitor, even the simplest panel with Full HD resolution.

The problem is known and widely described in the Apple help forum. Thread established in November currently includes 171 pages and hundreds of answers. Users decomposed the problem and finally found the cause.

Well, it turned out that the overheating is not caused by the processor at all, as initially thought (this was very likely, given the history of MacBooks Pro 15 with an Intel Core i9 processor ...). The graphics card turned out to be a problem.

Both systems - both Radeon 5300M and 5500M - consume 5W of power during normal use without a connected monitor. The windmills usually run at speeds below 2000 RPM.

However, just connect the video output and the power consumption will instantly jump to 20-21W.

As a result, the MacBook Pro 16 has been simply useless as a desktop for the past six months.

It took only a dozen or so minutes of surfing the internet for the temperature to reach 85–90 degrees, and the windmills revolving at nearly 4,000 RPM. When I tried more intense tasks, such as video editing or photo editing, the computer quickly warmed up to 99-100 degrees, and the windmills were buzzing as if the laptop was about to fly off the counter.

In this scenario, the computer also slowed down noticeably. Tasks that MacBook Pro 16 did not have the slightest problem in laptop mode, in desktop mode became an insurmountable challenge for him.

Suffice it to say that I and other users affected by this problem were furious. A computer for really thick thousands that can't be used as a desktop? Really?

The absurdity of the situation was further raised by the fact that the small MacBook Pro 13 did not have such problems. The small Apple laptop could effortlessly drive 4K monitors and not even spin the windmills.

Apple has known about the problem since November. There is still no official response.

The thread set up in the help forum is over half a year old. Dozens of users have also announced that they gave their laptops to the Genius Bar in Apple Stores to have them repaired or replaced. Apple store employees set up applications, replaced laptops with new ones, but the problem remained unsolved, although Apple could not say that it is unaware of its existence.

Since the launch of the MacBook Pro 16, two macOS Catalina updates have been released. At each of them I waited eagerly for information that this update would solve problems with connecting the MacBook Pro to external monitors.

I did not wait.

Everything has changed with macOS Catalina 10.15.5

This was an unexpected fix. Apple even called it "supplementary to macOS Catalina 10.15.5" on the system.

There was not a word about the MacBook Pro 16 in the list of issues that the update fixes. However, there was information about how to fix problems with the Pro Display XDR display.

I did not expect this update to solve anything, but out of curiosity I connected the MacBook Pro to the 4K monitor this morning and ... I have no comments!

The MacBook Pro 16 finally works as it should. Most of the time.

At the time of writing, I've been working on the computer for about 6 hours, and yet the MacBook Pro still remains quiet and cool.

IStat Menus panels show that temperatures under normal use do not exceed 65 degrees Celsius, while the fans maintain a level of about 2500 RPM during typical office work (Word + Slack + Microsoft Edge browser) and accelerate to 3000 RPM when watching 4K video on YouTube. In practice, they can be heard all the time, but it is barely audible noise, fully acceptable.

With a stronger "pressing" the machine processing dozens of RAWs in Adobe Lightroom, the temperature jumps to 85 degrees, and the windmills rotate at a rate of about 4000 RPM, but ... this is normal behavior. Similarly, the machine behaves for these tasks when the monitor is disconnected.

The only situation where the MacBook Pro 16 began to heat up and ventilate so far was ... throwing this text into poorly optimized CMS. Wordpress for some reason makes the components of the laptop stand at attention, the temperature reaches 95 degrees Celsius, and the windmills accelerate to maximum speed. Fortunately, after a few minutes of very intense ventilation, the temperatures return to normal, and most importantly - the computer does not slow down noticeably.

This may indicate that the MacBook Pro 16 may still have trouble maintaining a proper working culture, even if at first glance it seems that the situation has been mastered. There are no signals from other Apple users in the Apple Help Forum to confirm that the follow-up update has resolved the issue. There are a few that do not confirm this. Several users have already written that the latest update has changed nothing.

The complementary update did not resolve the main reason why the machine was overheating at all: GPU power consumption.

I can see it on my laptop - although it works cooler and quieter than before, the AMD Radeon 5500M graphics still consumes over 20W of power.

Perhaps the effectiveness of Apple's patches depends on the specific configuration. Fortunately, I can say that on my MacBook Pro 16 - with Intel Core i9 processor, 32 GB RAM and Radeon 5500M 8 GB graphics - the problem seems to be solved. At least most of the time.

MacBook Pro 16 long-term review

I absolutely cannot say that I would be delighted with this purchase. I am absolutely outraged by Apple's approach to the whole matter and ignoring numerous reports of angry customers. For the first time in almost seven months, however, I can use a laptop in the way I planned, spending money on it.

Better late than never.

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My MacBook Pro 16 has stopped overheating. It took only half a year


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