Microsoft Edge with turbocharging. Version 85 testing has started

Edge 85 enters the main testing phase. This version is primarily focused on even faster performance. Although owners of tiny Internet packages should be on guard.

The current version of the Edge browser is the one marked with the number 83. Microsoft, however, has just advanced Edge 85 from the experimental development channel Canary to be tested by Dev programmers. Version 85 does not contain any key news in terms of new features. The browser, however, is to allow even faster surfing due to the mechanism that has been present in Chrome for a long time.

Edge 85 with website reloading. Download them to memory before clicking on the hyperlink.

Preloading websites is a mechanism that has been available in Google Chrome for years. Thanks to it, the browser - having in mind the browsing history, saved cookies and other information about us - tries to guess which links on a given site are most likely to be clicked in a moment. And it immediately downloads the data hidden under this link to memory, so that after clicking you no longer have to download anything from the Web.

edge 85

This function is optional for a very simple reason. For most users, if it works correctly, it will be quite useful. Some, however, have such poor internet connections and so small data packets that this can become problematic. After all, such users do not want the browser to blindly download a lot of data just to save seconds each time the Internet link is clicked.

Interesting things are also happening in the Canary Experimental Channel. Edge 85 will launch web applications on computer startup on request.

The second novelty is for now the nature of the experiment, being available only in the Canary channel - which means that it may not hit the production version of Edge 85, but to one of its future versions. Thanks to it, it will be possible to launch web applications with the start of the operating system - so you can throw them into the so-called Startup. This feature works on both Windows and macOS.

edge 85

However, it works only in applications such as PWA (Progressive Web App). When installing such an application on our computer, Edge will ask if it should be launched with the system. The function can be tested even with Bezprawnik , which is the first PWA of our Spider's Web Group - which I encourage you to do.

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Microsoft Edge with turbocharging. Version 85 testing has started


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