Martian cities under huge domes? The test version will be created on Earth

In 2017, the United Arab Emirates announced plans to create a city on Mars over the next 100 years. The architects immediately set about designing the hypothetical city that could arise on the fourth planet from the Sun. Now CNN has presented the results of their work.

In order to develop technologies necessary for the colonization of Mars, the Space Center is being created. Mohammed Bin Rashid (MBRSC). The center will be located in the so-called Mars Science City, which will be built in the 180,000 sq m desert outside Dubai. The cost of building the complex was valued at USD 135 million. Designers from the Bjarke Ingels Group were given the task of creating a city prototype that would be able to provide living conditions on the surface of Mars, and then adapt this design to the needs of the desert stretching across Dubai's borders.

Cities hidden under huge domes

According to the architects from Bjarke Ingels, the future Martian city would consist of several domes built of several layers of transparent polyethylene membranes in which residents could breathe freely with oxygen extracted from ice below the surface. Inside the domes, pressure similar to that prevailing on the Earth's surface would be maintained. With the increase of the population on Mars, the domes would eventually merge into entire villages and later into cities forming specific rings.

In terms of power supply, a Martian city would have to rely on solar panels to accumulate solar radiation.

Due to the fact that the atmosphere on Mars is very rare (7 hPa - note), the heat exchange between the dome and the surrounding area would be very low, which means that the temperature inside the dome would not drop as quickly as on Earth, says Jakob Lange with the Bjarke Ingels Group.

The architects also took into account the extremely harmful cosmic rays reaching Mars on the surface.

According to our plans, all living quarters on Mars would be several meters below the ground. They would only have multi-layered roof windows filled with water in which fish could even swim. Such a layer of water would protect residents from harmful radiation, and at the same time would let in large amounts of light - adds Lange.

Architects faced the challenge of designing a Martian city had to face one more challenge: gravitational pull on Mars is three times weaker than on Earth, and this makes it necessary to apply completely different principles, but also to take advantage of the possibilities offered by such lower gravity.

The conceptual vision of the city prepared for the Dubai authorities will also include a place for a research laboratory, educational units, museum, amphitheater and office buildings.

For now, MBRSC emphasizes that Mars Science City is in the conceptual phase and no decision has yet been taken regarding the choice of design or architectural office that would be responsible for the implementation of the project.

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Martian cities under huge domes? The test version will be created on Earth


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