Madness: Tesla Model Y on a racetrack with autopilot as driver

This is insane! Four men in a Tesla Model Y performance on a racetrack. So far so good. But none of the men drives the Tesla! The autopilot does that!

"We just wanted to have a little bit of fun," said the YouTuber, who also posted the video online. Fun is good, but you need a lot of courage and trust in the Tesla autopilot!

Because it really doesn't work and the man behind the wheel often has to intervene. And that's how it works quite often, because the autopilot can take corners on the racetrack, but only relatively slowly.

On the other hand, it works very well with satellite navigation and the autopilot until the next curve. But that's how it is with the Tesla standard autopilot, by default it is not equipped with Tesla's additional option FSD for future autonomous driving.

Nevertheless, it would be interesting to know how the car would have got around the race track with the additional package.

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