iTaxi is ahead of FreeNow, Uber and Bolt. Taxis enter with the application Huawei AppGallery

Great news for Huaweia smartphone users without Google services. The app for ordering taxis - iTaxi - has just hit the AppGallery store.

Huawei was on track to beat Samsung in the mobile market, but Donald Trump thwarted his plans last year. The Chinese can no longer do business with Google, and their new smartphones are deprived of the services of the company from Mountain View, including the Google Play store.

For the company and its customers it was a big blow, but Huawei does not give up and has long been developing its own app store. It is not yet as rich as the one from Google, but every week the offer is improving and the Chinese company is joined by local partners.

iTaxi in the Huawei AppGallery

The latest item in the app store from Huaweia is the application called iTaxi. This is one of several popular programs that allows you to order courses from point A to point B from a smartphone using digital maps and GPS coordinates to track the route.

Applications that enable ordering taxis and transporting people, which in the version for phones with Google services were largely based on the Google Maps service, have so far been great absent in the AppGallery. In the case of iTaxi it was easier because the program uses Open Steet Maps.

iTaxi in the version for Huaweia smartphones without Google services is practically no different from the application that went on Google Play smartphones.

The only thing that has been cut off is the payment methods. For known reasons, Google Pay is unavailable, and Blik requires authorization at the bank, and for now on smartphones with only Huawei Mobile Services can not be installed. Fortunately, there is also the option of paying by card, PayPal or adding to the invoice.

We are now keeping our fingers crossed that the creators of such services as FreeNow , Uber and Bolt have gone to the iTaxi succor, which was the first application in this category to debut in the AppGallery. As a result, HMS smartphone users would have a similar selection to people using phones with Google services.

The addition of the iTaxi application to the AppGallery is another milestone in the development of Huawei Services .

iTaxi is not the first important application that hit Huaweia smartphones recently. In the AppGallery store you can finally find bank applications such as mBank, iPKO or Idea Bank, which currently work on phones with Google services, and will soon launch on those with HMS.

In addition, Huawei also convinced many other partners from Poland to put their applications in his store. Programs such as Allegro, EmpikGO and TOK FM are on the list. In addition, Huaweia customers can count on bonuses in the form of discount coupons, free subscriptions, etc.

As if that was not enough, owners of Chinese company devices without Google services, on which it is impossible to officially use the Google Maps application (although you must remember that this service is available from the browser level) can enjoy Automapa. This under the contract with Huawei is made available to them for free .

iTaxi is ahead of FreeNow, Uber and Bolt. Taxis enter with the application Huawei AppGallery


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