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In a groundbreaking move, TEAMGROUP unveiled its latest innovation, the T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO Cooler! a pioneering all-in-one liquid cooling solution designed specifically for PCIe 2280 SSDs. This cutting-edge technology, protecte by an exclusive patent (Taiwan Invention Patent No.: I778726), is poised to reshape the SSD cooling landscape, guaranteeing optimal performance and stability for M.2 … The post TEAMGROUP Unveils T-FORCE SIREN GD120S AIO SSD Cooler appeared first on XiaomiToday .

I run a great cRPG and wow, it burned my eyes. The Outer Worlds for Switch scares

I will not play on the PC, I will wait and change over on Switch - this thought accompanied me for several months while waiting for the portable version of The Outer Worlds. When I finally launched the game on the Nintendo console, I knew I had made a mistake.

Skyrim on the Switch looks great. Same with Saints Row III. Even Assassin's Creed: Black Flag can be liked. The Nintendo portable console is doing pretty well with productions in a moderately open world, as long as developers put in a lot of work to optimize. That's why I thought The Outer Worlds - a few months late for the premiere for Switch - would be a pretty successful port of the great Obsidian game. This is unfortunately not the case.

I run The Outer Worlds on the Nintendo Switch console and it burns my eyes.

First-person role-playing game looks extremely unnatural. It's the effect of removing many advanced graphic effects. Shadows, lights, depth - almost everything has been cut out to ensure the operation of the game in 30 frames per second. In this virtual environment it resembles the unreal image of a crazy artist. Initially, I was accompanied by a feeling of gigantic discomfort. I couldn't believe this digital world, so artificial and so warped about the original.

Plundering visual effects is not the only drawback of the portable The Outer Worlds. Another is resolution. It is so low that objects scare with serrated sides, without smoothing the edges. The image resembles a gently pixelated soup with no focus and no detail. Because of this, seeing opponents from a distance - on the PC is very easy - here it becomes a great challenge.

The readability of the objects is a completely separate issue. Playing The Outer Wordls on Switch has no chance for you to read information on signs, posters or boards. Everything is incredibly pixelated. Low-quality textures are also a problem for items - I often had no idea what I'm picking up. If it wasn't for the subtitles (there is a Polish translation), I would gather loot in the dark.

With these 30 frames per second, this can also be very variable.

Production is consumed by the same problem as the portable Assassin's Creed III - the gameplay is almost constantly maintained at 20+ fps. It all seems heavy, coarse and sluggish. A bit like watching American astronauts on the moon. It is even worse when we enter a larger agglomeration. We then get an authentic slide show that should never have taken place.

Someone may write that The Outer Worlds is a role-playing game, so smaller frames should not be such a problem. Error. We often use firearms in the game. Poor visibility of opponents combined with sluggish gameplay and jamming makes you want to turn off the application, launch Xenoblade Chronicles and finally start enjoying an epic adventure.

Nintendo Switch just can't keep up with the game.

Stones, bushes and hurdles grow literally a few meters in front of the player's avatar. The pop-up effect is brazenly visible. Within a few meters we deal with field ornaments, while further, as far as the eye can see, we are scared by a flat and barren surface. Of course, not counting the trees, buildings, mountains and characteristic viewpoints, such as a large spacecraft standing in the distance.

Despite this saving on components, the game freezes from time to time, the screen darkens, and a data loading circle appears in its center. Nintendo Switch is not able to generate an open world on time, thus stopping the player. Especially if he runs. Loading times are also longer than on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, but this is the least problem of the portable The Outer Worlds.

Virtuos: We will transfer every game to Nintendo Switch.

The Chinese studio Virtuos is responsible for the port of Obsidian on the Grand N platform. His boss some time ago boasted that they are able to transfer absolutely any console game to a portable Nintendo console. Well, maybe the Chinese can actually import every title, but certainly not everyone should. The Outer Worlds is the best example. The developers have crossed this hard-to-feel border on which the portable Witcher 3: Wild Hunt balances. Below a certain visual standard, the title just stops being playable.

It's not that I expect visual flairs on the Switch. However, when during the game the opponent blends with the surroundings, I can not read the inscription on the wall, and the liquidity drops to a dozen or so frames, the question arises about the legitimacy of such a port. Mobilne The Outer Worlds is art for art's sake. At the moment the title is completely unplayable. I strongly advise against buying it.

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I run a great role-playing game and wow, it burned my eyes. The Outer Worlds for Switch scares


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