I reviewed the applications I installed 10 years ago on an iPhone and checked if they still exist

A few days ago, I remembered the game I played on my first iPhone in 2010. It was Doom 2 RPG - a turn-based RPG in the world of Doom. Today it cannot be found in the application store.

It probably has not been updated to the new 64-bit application format required by Apple. These applications can no longer be found in the store. For this, if we downloaded them earlier, we can look in our account in the Purchased section. In this way, I could also find another version of Doom that iPhone owners won't play: Doom 3 Resurrection. It was a great game type shooter on rails (rail shooter).

I reviewed applications that I downloaded over 10 years ago. I checked how many of them no longer exist and which I use to this day.

My first iPhone was the next generation: on 3GS, "normal" applications were created and a store existed. Only web applications were available for the first editions.

To this end, I had to log in to the old account registered in the United States in the App Store. I used it at the beginning, at a time when Apple's services were not officially offered in Poland.

The oldest application installed on my iPhone in May 2010 was Facebook (of course it still exists today). The next ones are: IMDB, Wikipedia or Marvel Comics (also available).

On the list I found, among others TV.com application - is the official application of the site, which contained information about the series, and for some time also aggregated free episodes to watch. A look at the site reveals that it had recent updates over a year ago. The app itself was updated for the last time 8 years ago.

An interesting fact is Echofon. This was an unofficial Twitter client for the iPhone. It made it possible to use functions that were not officially available - e.g. previewing images in tweets. I don't remember if the Twitter app for iOS existed at the time - I suspect it wasn't.

The lack of Last.FM is not surprising - this service had great potential, but its creators did not find a good idea for its development. Tap Tap Revenge, in turn, is a series of music and rhythmic games that has completely disappeared and was a great hit on iPhones.

Assassin's Creed Altair Chronicles - who remembers this game?

Dragon's Lair and Nicky Boom - two cool games that we won't play on iPhone anymore. Yahoo! Music - you pay a monthly subscription and play what albums you want. Such ... Spotify.

Spore Origins - well, there was once a mobile Spore. 1337pwn iNXES is an unofficial application to communicate with friends from Xbox Live - there was no official one at the time.

Games that I have already forgotten, and which simply have not been updated, are more. I remember, for example, the GTA Gangstar clone and an interesting version of the classic Oregon Trail. Duke Nukem 3D and Resident Evil 4 also had their iOS versions. It is also worth mentioning about iDOS, a DOS emulator that works, allowing the installation of DOS programs and games. He, in turn, was removed by Apple because he violated the rules of the store.

The iPhone is so short-lived, and you can already play digital archaeologist.

Many games, often the ones I have paid for, are unavailable. This happened mainly due to the update to iOS 11, which required the developers to adapt them to 64-bit architecture.

Due to the specifics of Apple's closed ecosystem, they also cannot be archived, e.g. by a website such as the Internet Archive. There is a danger that they will eventually disappear with the last, not updated iPhone.

I reviewed the applications I installed 10 years ago on an iPhone and checked if they still exist


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