Huawei beats Samsung and is now the world s largest smartphone manufacturer

It's incredible! Huawei has overtaken Samsung and is now the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. But how could that still happen? After all, the manufacturer is on the US blacklist!

Yes it is true, Huawei is now the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. According to Counterpoint Research , the Chinese manufacturer has overtaken the previous leader. And that despite extremely slumping sales outside of China.

Huawei now has a market share of 19 percent, while Samsung only got 17 percent in the same period. The numbers are for April 2020. But still surprising.

How did Huawei become the world's largest smartphone maker?

The question is actually pretty easy to answer. Google services play no role in China, then the Chinese patriotism. Since the US ban, they have been increasingly buying Huawei smartphones. Then of course the extremely good devices and finally the corona pandemic comes to their aid.

But why did Samsung slide off? Due to the COVID-19 lock in most countries, the global economy declined. As a result, it affected demand for new smartphones, especially in hot markets such as India, the United States and Europe. And since these are the most important markets for Samsung, this also affected sales.

By contrast, China's economy has improved since March 2020 and more smartphones have been bought there. As a result, Huawei became the world's largest smartphone maker in April 2020.

But that's just a snapshot, as soon as the major markets recover from foreclosure, it will have an impact on Huawei again.

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