GeForce Now from today on Android TV. You no longer need a computer or console for the latest games

geforce now on the TV

The only game streaming service available in Poland has just appeared in the Play Store for Android TV. GeForce Now will launch most PC games on your TV - you don't even need a computer.

Can't afford a modern gaming console or gaming PC? Does not matter. If you agree on the inevitable compromise in the form of a high input lag (the character in the game reacts with a delay of several dozen milliseconds to what we press on the gamepad), you will play the latest games, in the richest graphic design and with ray tracking, without having to have any of these devices.

GeForce Now, available so far for PCs, Android phones and tablets as well as for the Shield console, from today works natively on TVs with Android TV. The application is completely free, which can not be said about the service and games. But about that in a moment.

GeForce Now on Android TV. So playing on a PC without a PC.

geforce now on the TV

After installation, the application will ask you to log into our GeForce Now account. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow you to create it from a TV - we have to use a computer or a telephone. The service will also ask you to choose the version you want to use: free and paid (25 PLN per month). The first should rather be treated as a demo version: users of the free version have to take into account the long wait for connection, the need to resume sessions every hour, and games are not running in full graphics.

GeForce Now also doesn't offer its own games. It allows you to add to the service the games that we have already bought on Steam, Origina or uPlay. There are exceptions to this rule: some publishers have not agreed that their games can be streamed from the Nvidia service. Fortunately, the service catalog is quite rich anyway.

geforce now on the TV

GeForce Now, unfortunately, will not work on every TV. Android TV version Lollipop or newer is required, 2 GB RAM and graphics system with OpenGL ES 3.2 support. Older devices, unfortunately, are not an option.

Wonderful how easily solved the problem of PC exclusive games.

geforce now on the TV

In my apartment I don't have room for a large gaming desktop. I work on a laptop and I use the Xbox console connected to the TV for playing equipment. However, there are games on the PC that are not available on Xbox or other consoles - I would love to play some of them. Now I can and without doubt will start testing GeForce Now tonight. Let's see if my internet connection is enough. And whether the input lag mentioned above will not be too annoying.

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GeForce Now from today on Android TV. You no longer need a computer or console for the latest games


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