Folklore festival start time. Opponents of vaccination have bandaged covidosceptics and are protesting

This Saturday an anti-vaccine protest will take place in Warsaw. This year, coronasceptics will also guest performances.

This is the 4th edition of the International Protest Against Coercion Vaccination. This year, however, he will have a unique character. First, it will be organized in a new sanitary regime. Secondly, its participants will protest in it against a vaccine that is not yet on the market.

Anti-vaccinee protests this year are reaching extremely fertile ground.

Countries are slowly emerging from the freeze caused by the coronavirus pandemic, are cautiously opening up their economies and are making plans for the gradual lifting of borders. All this, however, with assurances that the necessary precautions must be taken, the invention of an effective drug and, even more importantly, a vaccine, which is to guarantee that a similar spring will never happen again (at least not because of COVID-19).

However, not all of this vision calms down, the specter of the vaccine takes on in the eyes of some a Trojan horse, which admitted voluntarily into the blood will allow Bill Gates to take control of humanity

Minister of Health Łukasz Szumowski on behalf of the Polish government said unequivocally - all Poles must be vaccinated, which, according to the plans of BIll Gates, is to confirm the electronic certificate, and its absence is associated with discrimination and limitation of basic rights.

The same totalitarian message for globalists is reproduced by politicians around the world. Although doctors and scientists warn - there is no chance for a safe and effective vaccine! - we read on the STOP NOP page

The protest is therefore to oppose not only the obligation to vaccinate in general, but also the media-generated crisis, which aims to introduce "totalitarian solutions and global control."

Bill Gates planned to vaccinate every person on Earth and monitoring through electronic certificates and ID2020 system - we read the allegations refuted repeatedly in the description of the protest on Facebook

Stars of protest - Wojciech Cejrowski, Edyta Górniak, Ivan Komarenko.

As protest organizers boast, Wojciech Cejrowski is to participate in it, and Edyta Górniak herself will show her support for the action either in person or by letter. The diva of Polish pop recently broadcast on wRealu24 stipulated that it is never possible to vaccinate in life and introduce nothing into its body that it has not tested in the laboratory. He admits, however, that he has neither the knowledge nor the conditions to do so, so he won't inject himself into the body with anything that, as he adds with disarming honesty, can of course destroy us all. The singer heroically takes the problem on himself, acknowledging: "it's difficult."

We reassure everyone concerned about the singer's health that she has her own ways of coronavirus and her fearless epidemic.

If I believe that I am healthy, I am healthy, and if I believe that in a moment I will die of an infectious disease, I will introduce a program to the brain that will spread this information throughout the body and cause cancer cells.

Protesters gave the city hall permission to march, but they must keep a distance of two meters from each other, and if they want to reduce it, they must have covered mouth and nose. Already these requirements can be quite difficult to keep out of the crowd, and there are limits to the accumulation of up to 150 people. The protest organizers, however, ensure that they will break up into groups and will push them forward.

Folklore festival start time. Opponents of vaccination have bandaged covidosceptics and are protesting


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