Facebook will help clean up our profile. Here s a new activity management feature

Facebook is aware that our lives are changing and we prefer to forget about some of its episodes. That is why the activity management function was created, which will allow us to clean up our account better than before.

Facebook gives its users a tool thanks to which our profile will "more accurately reflect who we are today". Such a declaration sounds pathetic, but there is quite a useful tool behind the marketing newcomer.

Facebook introduces the Activity Management function.

Hmm, maybe many of you will be surprised reading this text, because it has long been available on Facebook so-called Activity log that allows you to view our activities on the world's largest social networking site. The new feature is more specialized and is intended to archive or delete old posts, rather than viewing all our activity.

Facebook explains that archiving applies to those posts that we no longer want to share with friends, but which we want to keep to ourselves.

The activity management function will allow you to move unwanted posts to the trash. They will be stuck in it for 30 days. During this time, they can be restored, and after a month they will be permanently deleted.

Importantly, Activity Management will allow you to deal with multiple posts at once. We will also receive a filter tool by category, date or friends.

In the first case, we will be able to take care of, for example, posts or notes, photos or video, and activity from other applications. After selecting the content we will see two options - archiving or moving it to the trash.

Where will the Facebook Activity Management feature be available?

First of all, we will use the function on smartphones and tablets. In the future, Facebook will also offer it in a browser version of the website, as well as in the Facebook Lite application. Service representatives ensure that the Activity Management function will be developed and new possibilities will appear in the future.

Facebook will help clean up our profile. Here's a new activity management feature


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