Facebook showed a fake Twitter. I give her zero credit for trust

Facebook did its Twitter. The new application is called Venue and is designed to track live events. I give her zero credit, just like all Facebook.

Venue is a new Facebook application available on iOS and Android . And although NPE Team appears in the signature as the developer, it is actually the name that Facebook has been using for some time to implement "new applications that aim to provide people with completely new experience in building a community."

venue application

What is Venue? In short: it is Twitter from Facebook. Just as Twitter allows hashtags to track current events (sports, political, cultural), so Venue through events is to be a hub to track information on a given topic. E.g. on the subject of a football match taking place.

Venue is intended as an "accompanying application" that we can turn on, for example, while watching TV. With one eye we can follow the event on television, and with the other we can view the entries of Internet users and commentators on the current topic.

Why does Facebook want to imitate Twitter, if it is incomparably bigger than it?

Do you have the impression that among social applications only Facebook counts, and the rest must chase it? Rightly. On a global scale, Facebook is a hegemon.

social media users

2.5 billion users are actively using Facebook. In second place is YouTube with 2 billion users. Later there are three messengers, namely WhatsApp (2 billion), Messenger (1.3 billion) and Chinese WeChat (1.1 billion). It is only in sixth place Instagram (1 billion), who already feels the breath of Tok Chock chasing him (0.8 billion).

Where is Twitter in all this? In a miserable, fourteenth place, with a number of users of around 386 million. It's a powerful base, but it can't compare with any rivals in any way.

In addition, Twitter doesn't have the best financial history.

In 2018, Przemek Pająk wrote about a historic moment in the history of Twitter :

Twitter has been around for 12 years, has been a listed company for almost 5 years, and only today has it been able to show a positive quarterly result for the first time. This is a historic moment!

Since then, Twitter ended each quarter above the line, up to the first quarter of 2020, which ended with a loss of USD 8.4 million. Sure, the first quarter of 2020 was unusually weak in virtually every industry, but Twitter has been in trouble for three quarters.

On the other hand, overloaded with Facebook ads, it also has its problems, but financially plays in a completely different league.

So why does Facebook want to race with Twitter?

There is no doubt that Twitter is not only a smaller business, but also a much worse earner. So why Zuckerberg's Twitter clone?

Because Twitter has something Facebook doesn't have: journalists and politicians. Twitter is news shared in real time. Tweets are a source of analysis and opinions presented in articles in the press, television, or ... on Facebook posts.

If RSS was once a guarantee of the fastest access to information, today it is Twitter.

Facebook is a festival of archival entries.

On Wednesday, I see on Facebook the post that on Monday the page I liked wrote an article based on a tweet published last Friday.

If I see Facebook content with a five-day lag in relation to Twitter, what is the point of getting information from Facebook? Isn't it better to reach for the source itself?

In addition, many years of this website's baggage rejects me from Facebook. I have an FB account for 12 years. During this time, everything changed in my private and professional life. Today, I am not interested in the fact that my friend from high school went out for a walk with the dog, a friend from college boasts about holidays, and a PR-sheep, whom I confronted once in my life, shows me a picture of her child on a walk.

Facebook can't be controlled. Not after 12 years of littering it with content. Not after numerous changes to the content matching algorithms. Of course, you could bury it all and create a new, well-managed profile, with very conscious distribution of likes and invitations to friends.

However, the algorithms are inexorable. The goal of Facebook is not my convenience, but effective serving of personalized ads. The new account might work for several months, but I have the impression that I would finally reach a similar level of littering the board as with the previous account. With current website policy, it is only a matter of time. That is why I say "enough".

Twitter is the best social networking site. Convince me I am wrong.

Perhaps my image of social media is disturbed by the fact that, unlike most people, I use sociali not only privately, but also professionally. Over the past few years, Twitter has become an increasingly important medium for me. In turn, I have limited Facebook to practically zero.

Twitter is for me a highly personalized source of trivia and the latest information. I stick to the key that I don't follow my friends on Twitter. There is no place for privacy. Twitter is for me only professional matters and those that concern my interests. And although Twitter is not perfect, it respects the order I build, and what's more, it still allows me to display content chronologically.

For a moment I wanted to believe in the success of the new Venue application, but Mark Zuckerberg has zero credit with me.

Why should I use a Twitter clone created by a company I don't trust at all, since I've had the original Twitter for years? I do not feel this idea and do not predict any market success.

Facebook showed a fake Twitter. I give her zero credit for trust


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