Corona: Huawei also implements tracing API

Now Huawei has an API for tracing released . With the latest HMS core update to version, the interface has now been made available.

Google and Apple released their interfaces for tracing to combat Corona weeks ago. However, since Huawei can no longer use Google, the manufacturer had to find its own solution. And found it too.

Of course, tracing is not possible using the API alone. You need an app like the Corona warning app from the German government. This should finally be presented in the middle of next week . And now Huawei can also participate.

Huawei can now also do corona tracing

From next week on, users with newer Huawei and Honor smartphones can then participate in tracing. Huawei uses the same approach as Google and Apple, here too, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used as the basis for anonymously locating other devices and recognizing contact points with infected people.

This means that all Huawei and Honor users now have the chance to participate in tracing, whether old or new devices without Google services, and thus fight the corona pandemic.

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