BMW: is there an electric mini SUV?

Is there an electric mini SUV? Mini will expand its product range with two new SUV models and making it the largest restructuring of its business since the takeover by BMW in 2001 to make .

Not only will a fully electric BMW iX3 appear, the BMW subsidiary Mini is also planning an electric SUV. This should be the size of the BMW X1. BMW wants to win new mini drivers with this model.

The company is developing both an electric crossover as part of a Chinese joint venture with Great Wall Motors and an SUV with an internal combustion engine. Why a combustion engine is being developed is a mystery.

Electric mini SUV instead of the new BMW i3?

The new electric Mini, which is designed for both the Chinese market and for export, is to be manufactured in a factory in Zhangjiagang, 100 km from Shanghai.

The new plant is currently under construction and is scheduled to go into operation in 2022 with around 3,000 employees and an initial capacity of 160,000 cars per year, including the Mini and Great Wall Motor models.

BMW had announced that there would be no new edition of the i3. So the electric mini SUV could fill the gap. But why is BMW so rigid in the SUV segment?

Wouldn't a small electric car make more sense for the city? Sure, you don't make that much money, but you create mass and promote electromobility. As always, the dear money will be the decisive factor.

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