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Apple TV as a separate device still makes sense. I know 7 reasons to buy them

apple tv + prime video video quality

Does the Apple TV attachment in the era of Apple TV applications for Smart TV platforms still make sense? Contrary to appearances, there are at least 7 reasons to buy it.

On our spidersweb Slack a discussion recently started about the Apple TV adapter. Many of my editorial colleagues no longer see the need to buy a dedicated device, since Samsung and LG TVs have the support of such services and technologies of the Cupertino company as Apple TV with Apple TV +, Apple Music, AirPlay and Homekit.

I wondered recently whether this small black box from Apple I still need.

I've been using Apple TV for years, but some time ago I thought of giving the latest version to someone close to me, because although the availability of Apple services on Smart TV platforms varies depending on the manufacturer, I'm in a comfortable situation. On the 2018 Samsung TV with the Tizen system, I can use the company's application from Cupertino and AirPlay.

After a long reflection, however, I decided that I would not give up on a dedicated Apple device, at least for now. For this reason, as one of the few Apple TV owners in Poland, because the size of this group is estimated at just over a dozen thousand people, I decided to deal with several myths and explain why I still did not get rid of it.

1. Applications on tvOS

Five years ago I made an entry about the state of stores with applications for watchOS and tvOS systems and, as in the case of Apple Watch, it is now even worse than it was, so in the case of Apple TV I have no reason to complain. Although the App Store is full of life, mainly in the United States, Polish service providers such as Ipla are also interested in it.

Of course, most applications, especially the most important ones, i.e. from VOD services, can also be found on other platforms, but hardly anyone knows that their quality can differ - and it is radically! Even such a giant as Netflix, which is not on the way with Apple, runs smoother and nicer on tvOS than on competition platforms and offers e.g. smoother animations.

Of course, it's not like I have no objections to the Apple TV app.

Objectively, the biggest downside is the complete lack of service, because it is one of the largest players on the Polish VOD market, which has been consistently ignoring Apple customers for years. YouTube may also be disappointing, because of Google's war with the Cupertino giant about video formats, it works on Apple TV 4K in Full HD resolution.

If it were not for these two applications I could not use Smart TV at all, so I'm stuck in a way, because switching to a system other than tvOS is also not an option. It is on the Apple platform that I am now using the Canal + application, which is neither on Samsung Smart TV nor on LG webOS. If I got rid of the Cupertino company's equipment, I would be spitting my chin now.

apple tv

2. Remote control for Apple TV

One of the arguments raised by people who consider Apple TV as unnecessary equipment was the fact that this box has its own remote control, and this one in addition to the most beautiful is not. Fortunately, the engineers from the Cupertino company gave us a choice and it turns out that it is possible to operate their starter with the remote control from the TV - well, at least from Samsung from 2018.

However, my possibilities do not end there, because I can also control Apple's equipment from a phone or tablet. It is not unusual in itself, because the aforementioned Samsung provides its Smart Home application that does it as a TV remote control, but Apple TV has its widget in the Control Center in iOS and iPadOS, and Smart TV manufacturers will not win.

In addition, you can control the Apple TV interface and the media player from the Control Center.

Apple icing from the level of the Apple Watch is such an icing on the cake. On the one hand, we have the Remote application that allows you to control the interface, and on the other, as soon as the accessory on your wrist detects that Apple TV is playing multimedia content, the player screen appears at the very top of the Siri dial and in the Player application, which is convenient and practical.

The most important thing for me, however, is that as soon as the text field is activated on the snap-in, it gets a notification on my phone and tablet that allows me to enter e.g. In this way, you can comfortably supplement even logins and passwords for various services, because they are downloaded straight from the keychain on the iPhone.

apple tv plus

3. Support for AirPods headphones

Wireless headsets in the Apple offer are paired not only with the device selected by the user, but also with all other Apple ID connected to his account. Thanks to this, Apple TV automatically detects my AirPods set and I can switch audio output to headphones with one click. Watching TV series after the night, I do not wake cats or fiancee.

4. AirPlay on Apple TV

It is true that I have AirPlay support directly on a Samsung TV, but ... I still use wireless multimedia transfer to Apple TV. Unlike my Smart TV platform, the Apple adapter in such a situation automatically wakes up and starts the TV. If I didn't have it, I'd have to turn the screen on manually every time.

5. Applications directly from Apple

It's true that on selected TVs and set-top boxes you can now watch movies from Apple TV and listen to music from Apple Music, but this is only a part of the offer of the Cupertino company. From Apple TV, I have access to Podcasts and photos collected as part of the iCloud Photos service. In addition, there are games from Apple Arcade, and the adapter is compatible with the pads from PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

6. Access to the video library on your computer

Most of the movies and series that I watch, I find on video services on demand, but there are still raisins. Those that are not available in streaming can be manually added to the library on your computer. From Apple TV, I can view and launch such materials even when my Mac is asleep - all it has to do is plugged it in.

7. Apple TV as a world management center

Apple is developing its own Smart Home system with which dozens of devices from various companies are compatible. However, they require a switchboard, but Apple TV can be used just to manage equipment compatible with the Homekit standard and although I do not currently use it, I am glad that I can have such a possibility in the future.

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Apple TV as a separate device still makes sense. I know 7 reasons to buy them


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