Android 11 says goodbye to prehistory. Video recordings may be larger than 4 GB

The first phones can already record movies in 8K resolution - and meanwhile the operating system will not allow them to be larger than 4 GB. The future version of Android will eventually change that.

It's quite funny, but in 2020 the most popular operating system in the world still does not allow its users to record movies that after saving have a larger volume than 4 GB. This is a historical occurrence, resulting from the limitations of old 32-bit processors that cannot address more than 4 294 967 295 bytes of memory. Therefore, this applies in principle to any type of file, not just video - although in this application it is particularly severe.

The limitation is hardly surprising. When Android was designed, devices with 32-bit processors were standard - and the ability to record movies in HD was something very exotic. It is more amazing that only now Google is modernizing its system.

Android 11 removes the 4 GB limit per file.

And, as it turns out, this news is not overly new. Google simply didn't brag about it in the world, perhaps because of shame. However, the patch to provide support for larger files went to the Android Open Source Project - and thus the foundation of Android - as early as December last year. Only now the change was noticed by the Android Police editorial team .

Android 11 is expected to appear for Pixel devices at the end of this year. It should be assumed that new phones and updates for existing ones will appear in spring 2020.

Android 11 says goodbye to prehistory. Video recordings may be larger than 4 GB


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