Amazfit smartwatches will also have paid watchfaces

In the last two years, Huami has become especially famous not only for manufacturing the Xiaomi Mi Band, but also for its interesting smartwaches. A wide catalog where the Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTR stand out , the first paid watchfaces will arrive shortly .

This has been discovered by AndroidTR in the internal code of the Amazfit application, discovering how the company is working on a system of payment spheres . With this, Huami would try to obtain profitability not only with the sale of its wearables, but also with the sale of its personalized funds.

A pretty logical step in search of profitability. If we consider the great community behind the creation of new personalized spheres, at an attractive price this new service from Huami could bring her great income .

Amazfit smartwatches will have paid watchfaces. Xiaomi  News

Amazfit app code where payment spheres are referenced.

Even so, for the moment, only small references to this new service have been found, leaving it in doubt whether it will only stay in Asia or if it will finally reach the rest of the countries where Amazfit watches are gaining more prominence every day.

Source | AndroidTR

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