100x is not enough. Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with 120x zoom

Did you think that a hundred-fold zoom on your smartphone is already the top? Me too, but Xiaomi appeared, which says: we give 120x zoom!

Since Huawei has a 50x digital zoom, and Samsung went to the extreme showing a 100x zoom, it was obvious that Xiaomi will not let go. The Chinese have shown more than once and twice that they love racing on numbers. And although the optics of smartphones cannot cope with such great magnifications at all, Xiaomi goes to the record and intends to show a zoom of 120x.

Xiaomi Mi CC10 Pro will be equipped with 108 megapixel resolution and 120x digital zoom.

xiaomi zoom x120

Work on the new phone is expected to start from early 2020 . The main camera Xiaomi Mi CC10 Pro is to offer a resolution of 108 megapixels, but it is to be based on a completely new Samsung Isocell Bright HM2 matrix.

Zoom promises to be even more interesting. The periscope telephoto lens will offer an optical magnification factor of x12 relative to the base lens. This will be the record on your smartphone. The camera will be able to produce photos with digital zoom up to 120x, which will probably consist of data from the main matrix with very high resolution and the image from the optical zoom x12 on the other.

300 mm lens on your smartphone. Does that make sense?

If the main camera will have a standard focal length for smartphones at 26 mm, this will mean that a telephoto lens with x12 times must have a focal length of 312 mm (in full frame).

If you have ever photographed with a SLR or mirrorless camera with a 300 mm lens, you know that it is a lens for special tasks. His destiny is, for example, watching the wild nature. It is not possible to shoot with such a lens indoors, because average home rooms are simply too small for it. You would have to move away from the subject a few, maybe even several meters, to fit the whole object in the frame.

Few people decide to use lenses with a multiplicity of 300 mm. Buyers of such instruments also face many problems, including the lack of light, because consumer 300 mm lenses are generally dark. Bright constructions of this type are extremely expensive. The second problem is image stabilization, because at 300 mm it is very difficult to photograph with your hand.

The optimal zoom factor for a telephoto smartphone is x3. Even x5 is an exaggeration. The x12 lens is for art's sake.

Smartphone telephoto lenses with a multiplicity of x5 (i.e. offering an equivalent focal length of about 130 mm) are very difficult to master. Most new designs use x2 or x3 telephoto lenses, which is the optimal value on a smartphone.

I do not believe that Xiaomi will find a way to fit a useful x12 telephoto lens in the smartphone housing, even using a periscope design. We can expect low lens brightness and large stabilization problems.

In turn, the digital zoom with 120x magnification also does not promise to be fascinating.

I have in mind the behavior of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on the 100x fold and unfortunately these are not nice memories. S20 Ultra provides very good results at x10 or sometimes even x30 magnification, but all values ​​above give very poor quality.

Such extremes in mobile photography are not good. The only - dubious - advantage here is the ability to show off such zoom in front of friends. The practical effects will be disappointing.

And of course, with a full rating of Xiaomi Mi CC10 Pro I will wait until the release and testing. There is a shadow of a chance that Xiaomi will surprise us positively, but the company would have to climb to a technical level that no other manufacturer has approached, not only in the mobile photography department, but photography in general.

100x is not enough. Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone with 120x zoom


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