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Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker

The Oukitel WP33 Pro is not just a rugged phone; it has the loudest digital loudspeaker ever. It comes with a 136dB loud speaker, ensuring your audio experience is as immersive as your visual journey. The device is powered by MTK Dimensity 6100+, 24GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage, 22000mAh battery, and 33W fast charging. Surprisingly … The post Oukitel WP33 Pro Rugged Phone has the Highest 136dB Loudspeaker appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Forget Netfliks in 4K and HDR in Safari on Mac. It s a luxury for the few

Safari will finally allow you to watch 4K content with HDR support on Netflix, but only a few Mac owners will be able to take advantage of this novelty. Safari is a great browser, but its Achilles heel has always been high-quality video playback. Due to the lack of support for appropriate codecs, video on demand services such as YouTube and Netflix limited the resolution of materials that Mac users could enjoy. HDR technology support was also usually a problem. This means that customers who paid for access to materials with additional information about colors, who had access to a monitor supporting this technology, had to do without taste. This is fortunately changing. Netflix in Safari - 4K and HDR support is coming High resolution and HDR technology within Netflix will be officially supported in the new version of Safari in macOS 11 Big Sur , when it will be officially released in autumn 2020. Thanks to this, users will not have to use a browser other than system. OMG! Netflix

PlayStation 5 will cost 1800 PLN. It s hard to believe at this price

There is a festival of speculation on the prices of new generation consoles. Sony and Microsoft still have not given official numbers, but this does not prevent the media from speculating and speculating. This time we are dealing with a rumor so credible that it is worth mentioning on Spider's Web. We try to avoid unconfirmed reports of prices of upcoming consoles. We make an exception only if media speculation comes from a reliable source. This is the case with the latest information on the prices of PlayStation 5 console in both versions, as well as accessories dedicated to this equipment. PlayStation 5 in the cheapest version can cost only 1800 PLN I am talking about the console version without a physical optical drive, in a set with one DualSense controller. This model will cost just 399 euros. Converting it to our national currency, it comes out less than 1800 PLN. In turn, PlayStation 5 equipped with an Ultra HD Blu-ray drive will cost 499 euros, or about 2,300 PLN. I ha

Xiaomi presents the cheapest portable speaker with voice assistant you ve ever seen

Without prior notice, Xiaomi has presented its new Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker in China, a tiny portable speaker that also stands out for integrating voice assistant, in this case Xiaomi XiaoAI . In detail, this small smart speaker has been presented as the cheapest option from Xiaomi. It has quite small dimensions of just 52 × 52.7x27mm and is capable of integrating with the rest of the AIoT elements of the firm. Unfortunately, XiaoAI still does not have support for other languages ​​such as Spanish or English , so although it is a very interesting smart speaker, it is totally limited to the Chinese public. Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker: 2W speaker and autonomy of up to 6 hours The Xiaomi Xiaoai Portable Speaker has full integration with MIUI. Among its features, this new smart speaker with voice assistant from Xiaomi has a single 2W speaker . This. Although it is quite small in size, it is capable of providing clear and crisp sound, especially in mids and highs.

Gardena Sileno Life. Subject cried as he gave away

I have been tempted for a long time by this vision: lying on a deck chair with a drink in one hand and a book in the other, I read lazily when a small robot mows the grass for me in the garden. The vision, though sweet, raised concerns - is it too expensive? Does the robot require constant cleaning? What happens to the grass? Will my dogs not eat it or, worse, the robot will not mow my somewhat gaping dogs? So when the editorial team was looking for someone to test Gardeny Sileno Life, I quickly raised my hand. TL; DR: Subject shed tears as he returned. Gardena Sileno Life looks like the body of a traditional vacuum cleaner. The robot has been designed so as not to be too conspicuous and only the orange stop sign and turquoise accents break the neutral gray of the housing and make it stand out from the surroundings. It weighs 7.3 kg, so it is quite easy to move or turn it around preparing for cleaning. On the back, hidden under a plastic cover, there is an LCD panel. It is matte an

Xiaomi adds a new "Paper" style in MIUI 12 reading mode capable of emulating the pages of a book

Among the multiple options that MIUI allows us we find the reading mode . This, reducing the emission of blue light through the coloration of the screen helps to improve our eye health when reading, for example, electronic books. Without a doubt, a really useful functionality that watches over our health and that Xiaomi seems to have been improving with the incorporation of a new reading mode called «Paper» . This, unlike the classic, not only reduces the emission of blue light, but simulates the texture of a sheet of paper. A new reading mode that also reduces eyestrain As we can see below, once the reading mode is activated, MIUI 12 offers us to choose between two submodes; a " Classic " mode that only limits the temperature of the light by reducing the emission of blue light and a " Paper " mode that also emulates the texture of real paper. This new mode will not only help protect eye strain, but will also decrease eyestrain . Emulating the very tex

OnePlus Nord is official, pre-orders start tomorrow

OnePlus Nord is official, pre-orders start tomorrow. So the new episode of the manufacturer from China is official. What is going on for a long time as OnePlus 8 Lite or OnePlus Z will shortly make its debut as OnePlus Nord . The name was officially announced today, but the birds have been chirping it off the trees for a few weeks now. From tomorrow on you can go ahead and pre-order the device, even if you don't yet know exactly what to expect. You even have to pay 20 euros for this, but then you get "fantastic accessories" sent home. OnePlus breaks new ground with the OnePlus Nord OnePlus North pre-order (Source: OnePlus) Pete Lau, Founder and CEO of OnePlus " The launch of the OnePlus North product line marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for OnePlus. Our 'Never Settle' claim is about sharing the best technologies and the best products with the world. But it's also about challenging ourselves and going beyond our comfort zone. We

Offer of the day: used Mac Pro for 44,000 dollars.

A very good offer for a used Mac Pro has appeared on the Apple website. The price is unique: a modest 44 thousand. dollars. No accidents, undamaged, after service, hardly driven ... and all in all, because there are no famous wheels, but the most ordinary feet in the world. We're talking about a used, refurbished Mac Pro that has appeared in the official Apple store. The Apple Store offers refurbished - including used - equipment from today. Most often these are products from returns or from the website, when Apple decides that it will give the customer a completely new equipment, and repair the old one on their own. Refurbished certified Apple products have new batteries and cases, have all accessories, are sold with a one-year warranty, and actually the only difference to the new product is the other - completely white - box. Now is the real deal. The good news is: you save $ 7,740 Unfortunately, it is also bad: you have to spend 44 thousand. dollars. And without tax. The

It gets crowded. Call of Duty: Warzone will fit as many as 200 players on one map at a time

The latest update of Call of Duty: Warzone consists of up to 36 GB of data. Thanks to it, players will be able to take part in fights on an unprecedented scale. The battle royale title will hold up to 200 players at once! Just two years ago I was complaining about how tight and limited in terms of number of players is the network module of modern Call of Duty views. Only 16 soldiers who are constantly on the move, running on narrow and corridor maps - this solution had a lot of fans, but it seemed very backward to me, especially considering the multiplayer capabilities in the first two installments of Call of Duty. Today Call of Duty: Warzone has up to 200 players on one map. Modern Warfare is one of my favorite CoD hits. The series has finally opened up to new players, flirting with modes and modules specific to such series as Battlefield or Red Orchestra. More tactics, more positional fight, less crazy run-and-gun philosophy. Yummy. A few months later Warzone appeared, a free ba

Youtuber, which destroyed smartphones, did something good. Here is a vehicle for paralyzed people

What will arise from the combination of two bikes and a battery? It will definitely not be a regular wheelchair. Zack Nelson from the JerryRigEverything channel explains how The Rig was created, a vehicle for people paralyzed to move around in the field. Zack Nelson, the author of the JerryRigEveryhing channel, is very well known to YouTube users. His channel already has 5.79 million subscriptions, and the vloger deals with him testing electronics, but his activity does not end there. The man decided to create something of his own some time ago and that is why a special vehicle was created for the then girlfriend and current wife of Cambra. It was to enable a woman to move around in spite of paralysis. The Rig, i.e. an off-road wheelchair The prototype of the vehicle, which was baptized as The Rig, was created from the combination of two bikes. Zack Nelson's gifted partner was delighted with the idea so much that the couple began working together to improve this design. The r

Facebook will scan the editorial team to provide us with reliable news

Facebook has just announced that it will promote original news in its news, and lower the position of information from suspicious sources. So nothing new, one would like to say, because the fact that Facebook makes changes in the algorithm, thanks to which we see these and not other content, we have heard for years. Most often, nothing comes from these declarations. Facebook will promote original sources. When we ask people what messages they want to see on Facebook, they constantly tell us that they want messages that are reliable and informative. we read in a Facebook statement. Indeed, if you think about it, almost all of us would answer the question in a similar way. From today Facebook's algorithm is to prioritize content according to the next two criteria. The first will be the originality of the message, and the second will be transparent authorship. The company claims that journalism requires time and specialist knowledge and therefore intends to promote valuable

The best GCam you can currently install on the Redmi Note 9S and Note 9 Pro

Despite the fact that the Redmi Note 8T continue to be sold as churros, the new Redmi Note 9S and Note 9 Pro have fallen in love with many thanks to their renewed design. To this is added a set of quite interesting cameras that we can squeeze thanks to the use of GCam . With 48MP on the Redmi Note 9S and 64MP on the Redmi Note 9 Pro, both terminals share the same manufacturer, i.e.Samsung. This, combined with its Snapdragn 720G processor makes finding a fully functional GCam an easy task. With a view to this, below we are going to tell you which is the best GCam that we can currently install on the Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro, as well as which is the xml file that best adapts to its hardware characteristics. Best GCam for Redmi Note 9S and Redmi Note 9 Pro For those of you who don't know, GCam allows us to take much clearer and more defined photos than we would get with the native MIUI application. In addition, its innumerable parameters and photographic algori

Huawei also became the world s largest smartphone manufacturer in May 2020

Huawei will also be the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world in May 2020. This enabled the Chinese manufacturer to successfully defend its top position, which it took over for the first time in April 2020 ! For the United States, it has to be like mockery. There are a number of sanctions against Huawei to stall its business. And what happens? Huawei becomes the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. So all the sanctions have brought nothing, on the contrary, China's largest manufacturer has overtaken Samsung and is at the top. After being able to climb the first place for the first time in April, Samsung is also left behind in May and remains the largest smartphone manufacturer. Huawei continues to be the number 1 smartphone manufacturer The lead over Samsung has melted and is now only 0.1 percent, but it is still a strong signal from Huawei that you can not get down! Huawei had a 19.7 percent market share in May, Samsung 19.6 percent. Apple is still in thi

Justyna Socha gives an ultimatum to the president. He demands that he cancel the pandemic

Surely you associate at least one situation in your life when someone shared with you such an absurd opinion on a subject that you were speechless with impressions and did not even try to explain that it was not at all ... And I have a little bit about the statements of Justyna Socha, who is one of the most recognizable opponents of vaccines in Poland. The worst part of all this is that - as it seems - Socha believes in the theories she makes publicly without a blink of an eye and whenever she has the opportunity. Socha says the coronavirus does not exist. Now, for example, at an annual anti-vaccination protest, which participants meet at Castle Square in Warsaw, Justyna Socha claimed, among other things, that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus does not exist. Yes, it does not exist, and the pandemic caused by the non-existent virus is just another attempt to control citizens with Orwellian methods of social engineering. Do you think I'm making up? Please: # StopCOVID1984 We are can

Sony PlayStation 5: pricing and release date leaked

Sony PlayStation 5: pricing and release date leaked. And it is extremely interesting what can be read there. But we still have to wait a little for the PS5. There are new rumors about the prices of the PlayStation 5 models including accessories. And a date when the game console will finally appear should now be known. If the source is right, the PS5 is scheduled to hit Japan on November 14th. But so far it has not appeared to be trustworthy, so you should be a little skeptical. PlayStation 5 starts at EUR 399.00 @ IronManPS5 was formerly known as @PSErebus and wasn't exactly known for its reliable leaks in the PlayStation community. But now he has the following prices for us: U.S$ UK £ EU € JP ¥ Launch (global) Launch (Japan) PS5 with Blu-ray drive $ 499 £ 449 € 499 ¥ 49,980 Nov 20 Nov 14 PS5 Digital Edition $ 399 £ 349 € 399 ¥ 44,980 Nov 20 Nov 14 DualSense controller $ 59.99 £ 54.99 € 59.99 ¥ 5,980 Nov 20 Nov 14 DualSense charging station $ 29

Galaxy Watch will be better. TOP 7 most interesting novelties that will go to Samsung watches

The installation image of the Galaxy Watch 3 operating system has hit the network. Thanks to this leak, we have an insight into what new features await both the Tizen system itself and the users of the unannounced watch. Max Weinbach from XDA had the opportunity to take a closer look at the new version of Tizen, which is to be pre-installed in the Galaxy Watch 3. These have not yet been announced by Samsung - they do not officially exist - but they will probably be on sale this year. Thus, thanks to the work of Weinbach we are able to learn about new products that are to convince current Watch Galaxy owners to change equipment. Although, who knows, maybe some of the new features will also go to them. Samsung has long provided programmers with watch and wristband support with software, publishing new versions of Tizen even for several years of equipment. TOP 7 new products in Galaxy Watch and Tizen system. Notification icons on the watch face The new version of Tizen supports e