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Xiaomi phones compatible with MHL: what you should know before buying a USB C to HDMI cable

In recent months you have asked us on numerous occasions if Xiaomi has any MHL compatible mobile. A question that many of you ask when buying a USB C to HDMI cable or adapter .

For those of you who don't know them, MHL, also known as « Mobile High-Definition Link «, is the type of connection that allows you to connect electronic devices, be it a smartphone, a laptop or a tablet, to an external TV or monitor using a USB cable to conventional HDMI.

In this way, if a mobile device has MHL support, it will allow us to use almost any USB to HDMI cable in order to view, broadcast or duplicate the screen on a remote television or monitor.

What Xiaomi devices have MHL support

If you are currently wondering if your Xiaomi or Redmi has MHL support, chances are it does not have MHL compatibility. And is that currently, only the Xiaomi Mi 2 has MHL support for broadcasting on televisions and external monitors.

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Therefore, before buying a USB C to HDMI adapter or cable you should take into account that if it does not have certain characteristics, it will not work and therefore it will not emit the screen of your Xiaomi or Redmi .

In conclusion, to be able to broadcast the screen of our Xiaomi on an external television or monitor, we must make use of a Xiaomi Mi TV Box , a Chromecast , the Emit function of MIUI if our television is compatible or the use of other technologies such as DisplayLink .

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  1. Geez! I thought all phones has this feature. I had already bought the adaptor before discovering this. So so painful