Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is coming on June 11th

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 release date is here! The new fitness tracker will be launched on June 11th. The release had already been hinted at in the past few days.

The exact release date of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has now been announced on the official Xiaomi Mall WeChat account. In a few days we will be presented with the new edition.

The manufacturer will present the new tape in a video live stream. And there are also a lot of the specifications that were announced again in a tweet.

So on June 11th we can launch the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 with a 1.2 ″ display, NFC, SpO2 (oxygen content measurement), photo recording, 5 new sport modes (yoga, cross trainer, rowing machine, skipping rope & bicycle trainer (exercise bike), phone unlocking, Expect Amazon's Alexa and a night mode.

A price is not yet known, not even when the new tape will start in Germany.

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