Which smartphone should you choose in 2020? Subjective TOP of the first half of the year

I've tested 13 smartphones since the beginning of this year. 13 devices from different price shelves, for different customers, with different properties. Which one was the best?

This TOP list will be slightly different than most smartphone "tops". This is not an objective statement of smartphones. Ba, it's not even a list of devices from the same category. This is a highly subjective ranking of devices that I had the pleasure (or unpleasantness) to test in the first half of 2020. There is no distinction here due to price or technical specifications. What counts is only what the smartphone impressed and what disappointed.

Which smartphone should you choose? Subjective TOP of the first half of 2020

13. Realme 6

Realme 6 reviews

Realme 6 turned out to be so average equipment that it did not even get a full review, only the first impressions. It is very well priced and looks great on paper, but when you pick it up, the spell is broken. The competition is making better phones in this segment.

Price: 1099 - 1299 PLN

What delighted:

However, a 90 Hz screen at this price is rare.

What annoyed him:

The quality of performance is closer to zetaphones than the competition for 1000 PLN.

12. Realme X50 Pro 5G

Another Realme smartphone that I got in my hands and another that will probably not be fully reviewed. At first contact, the X50 Pro 5G makes a great impression. It is solid, beautiful and has powerful specifications at a very reasonable price. Unfortunately, since it came to my hands, using it has been a series of minor or major irritations associated with underdeveloped software. The phone constantly has problems with the operation of the application, Bluetooth likes to disconnect, and the camera does not impress and still stutters.

Price: PLN 2999

What delighted:

The appearance and technical specifications are amazing for this price range.

What annoyed him:

Software requires work. A lot of work.

11. Samsung Galaxy A71

The Galaxy A71 has done nothing to impress or annoy. It's a valid, nice smartphone with a decent camera. However, it costs so much money that it should offer much more and stand out with anything. And it doesn't stand out with anything.

Price: PLN 1999

What delighted:

This is a very successful smartphone ...

What annoyed him:

... which doesn't stand out compared to devices that cost not only the same, but also PLN 500 less.

10. Xiaomi Mi 10

The first top Xiaomi smartphone that not only has a top specification, but also ... a top price. The expectations were so high and unfortunately Xiaomi Mi 10 could not cope with them. Xiaomi always won by offering quality similar to the most expensive devices, costing much less from them. Meanwhile, Xiaomi Mi 10 costs almost the same as other top devices, but it is not able to compete with them in most categories.

Price: PLN 3499

What delighted:

In fact, it's ... nothing. He did everything well but nothing outstanding.

What annoyed him:

That if it cost PLN 500 less, it could be recommended to the right and left. And so only disappointment remained.

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite

Galaxy Note 10 Lite reviews

I had great expectations for this smartphone, because I love the Galaxy Note line. I really set myself up for a bit poorer, but still a manageable model with the S-Pen. Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a bit too expensive for its specification and a bit too compromising compared to the "big" Note. However, he still has a chance to find a group of fans who care more about stylus capabilities than on the top specification.

Price: 2649 PLN

What delighted:

The S-Pen is a surprisingly useful gadget.

What annoyed him:

First of all, very bad work time and average camera. For 2649 PLN, you can also buy an objectively better phone.

8. Motorola G8 Power

Motorola Moto G8 Power reviews

The Motorola G8 Power (almost) does everything right. That's what I wrote in the title of the review and I still think so. Only during the last month I recommended this phone to 3 people and I know that each of them is delighted with the purchase. Disappointing in this smartphone is only the camera and ... no NFC. I can't get over this second drawback, although for many people it doesn't matter.

Price: PLN 999

What delighted:

Phenomenal price-performance ratio, stereo speakers, amazing time on one charge.

What disappointed:

How in 2020 did a smartphone without NFC be launched ?!

7. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 reviews

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 was the biggest surprise for me this year. I expected to dislike him, as I don't particularly like most Xiaomi smartphones. Meanwhile, I remember him very warmly and I gladly recommend to friends when they ask me which smartphone to choose in this segment. And undeniably - for this money we will not buy a better photo-smartphone.

Price: PLN 1999

What delighted:

A phenomenal camera for this price range, unbelievably good working time, fantastically "balanced" smartphone, basically without major disadvantages.

What annoyed him:

Has a fatal vibrating motor. Absolutely awful.

6. Galaxy S20 Ultra

With the Galaxy S20 Ultra I spent the most time among all the smartphones tested this year, and yet it is not my favorite AD 2020. Maybe it is a matter of the fact that I have never liked the Samsung version of Android, or maybe the matter that after a smartphone for 6000 PLN I would expect perfection, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is far from perfect. Either way - I wouldn't spend my own money on it.

Price: PLN 5999

What delighted:

Incredibly versatile camera layout, wonderful display, great stereo speakers.

What annoyed him:

Working time on one charge is barely acceptable, and for a fingerprint reader someone should get solid bullets. He is dramatically angry.

5. Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo Reno 3 Pro

Oppo Reno 3 Pro turned out to be more pleasant in everyday use than I expected at first. Most of the smartphones tested this year are real colossi, and the Oppo Reno 3 Pro not only has a slightly smaller screen, but also a lightweight housing. Oppo has also done a lot to improve its Android overlay. Plus, the Reno 3 Pro model has a pretty good camera layout and it's just nice to use.

Price: 2599 PLN

What delighted:

The combination of size, price and possibilities makes it a perfect device for many people.

What annoyed him:

The vibrating motor is terrible, and the working time on one charge does not match the competition, especially the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 mentioned above.

4. iPhone SE

If my private iPhone 11 was damaged today, lost or stolen, I would probably hurry to the store for the iPhone SE. The cheapest new iPhone, criticized by many for being "recycling the iPhone 8" is more than enough for most consumers. For this is the only smartphone in his hand that does not require the user to regularly stretch his hand.

Price: 2199 - 2949 PLN

What delighted:

The combination of such small dimensions and such huge computing power makes an amazing impression.

What annoyed him:

Working time is unacceptably short. In 2020, no phone appeared on the market that was worse in this matter than the iPhone SE.

3. Motorola Edge

Motorola has not yet introduced its most expensive new device to Poland, but only its "poorer" version. The Motorola Edge can still impress. Maybe I'm biased, because Moto X Style remains my favorite Android smartphone of all times, but with each day spent with this phone I like it more and more. It is a pity that in Poland this equipment is simply too expensive.

Price: PLN 2999

What delighted:

Motorola's software is the best Android on the market. In combination with excellent hardware, we have one of the most pleasant smartphone experiences on the market.

What annoyed him:

The camera could be better and the price at least PLN 400 lower.

2. LG V60 ThinQ 5G

LG V60 price reviews

Top LG smartphones have magnetism that I can't quite put in words. It is no different with LG V60. I take this phone in my hand and although I know that for the same money you can have something better, I am happy with the device every day. The battery is fantastic, the camera is quite good, all in a durable - albeit huge - housing without any curves. I like this smartphone more than its specification would indicate. It is a pity that so far it can be purchased only from the operator Play.

Price: PLN 4,299

What delighted:

Incredible headphone jack quality, great hardware overall.

What annoyed him:

There is simply no uglier Android overlay from this LG. It could also be 0.5 cm lower because it can barely fit in your pocket.

1. OnePlus 8 Pro

OnePlus jumped to the premium shelf this year. Although it was associated with a significant increase in price compared to last year's models, in return we got a complete phone, having every bajer you would expect from a flagship - from a 120 Hz screen and wireless charging, through waterproofness to a great camera. And at a price that, despite everything, does not go beyond the shameful "norm" of the top shelf. Excellent hardware combined with excellent software translated into the fact that I used the OnePlus 8 Pro this year the best. And I will recommend its purchase to anyone who asks me about a top-class Android smartphone.

Price: 4199 - 4899 PLN

What delighted:

Everything in OnePlus 8 Pro is amazing. This is the most complete Android smartphone on the market.

What annoyed him:

The housing is slippery like soap, and the curved screen can squeeze blood with accidental touches. Fortunately, putting on the case solves both problems.

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Which smartphone should you choose in 2020? Subjective TOP of the first half of the year


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