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The cost of 1 second late - 250 PLN. Yes ZTM cancels passengers

According to the City Transport Authority, I either have the world's fastest telephone connected to the world's fastest network, or I travel in time. Choose the more reliable version yourself.

December 27, 2019, Warsaw, afternoon. With the Love of My Life we ​​go by land towards the center, a beautiful red and yellow Solaris limousine will serve us as a means of transport. Her driver arrives at the bus stop on time. We get in, buy tickets. 10 minutes later, we owe PLN 500 to ZTM, and I curse my boiled mouth.

The fastest phone in the world with the fastest internet in the world.

The system data of the Municipal Transport Board shows that the controllers announced the control and began blocking the validators on the bus line X at 10:59:14 on December 28 , 2019 . Data regarding the purchase of electronic ticket No. Y in the Jakdojade application indicate that the electronic ticket was purchased at 10:59:15 . In addition, you traveled in the vehicle before the ticket control was commenced and occupied a seating position. This means that you continued your journey from at least one stop and did not pay (sic!) The fare [commencement punctuation, parenthesis and bolding of the author] until the start of the ticket control.

ZTM thinks that I was going free riding, and when I noticed that the check had started, I bought a ticket in a second. Is it possible? No. Does the fact that it is impossible ZTM care? Neither

I know, I know what you are worrying about, why did I not buy a ticket to the heavy Angela going to one stop?

The answer is disappointingly trivial. The distance between the stop where we boarded and the stop on demand where the controllers boarded is 350 meters. According to Google, a bus needs about 15 seconds to travel this distance. On this beautiful and sunny day, along with all the opening and closing of the door, slowing down and moving off, it probably didn't take him much more time.

From the monitoring that ZTM obtained from the Municipal Bus Works, you can certainly take this time, however, ZTM did not deign to do it, checked for whether I was sitting (you can only buy ZTM tickets at attention, an anonymous ZTM employee betrayed. disrespect to the Respectable Institution). Well, I sat, although I must confess that it was only one of my offenses ....

Call for pecking. My ticket has been checked twice. The first time there were no problems with him, so they had to be found.

I passed my first ticket control. The controller scanned the QR code in the application, thanked, we smiled at each other and turned to his colleague and my MMŻet who were just undergoing the same procedure. MMŻet's ticket was questioned.

It was argued that he bought it too late - when the validators were already turned off and the control started (full honesty - he bought it a few seconds longer than I did, using the application more often and having a faster phone). MMŻet, as a person endowed by nature with calmness and a non-rebellious character, simply gave his identity document to the inspector. It did little to him, however. MMŻet was also endowed with generous gifts by fate, including a very explosive partner, so he quickly changed from an oasis of peace into the epicenter of hot dispute about the legitimacy of the punishment imposed.

A dispute that ended in our failure and a double failure. The controller, who already checked my ticket, once again asked to show it on my smartphone. My ticket was also questioned - proof? A miserable second. Undermining the uncontested authority of the controller, and the common defense of one's own reasons. Cost: PLN 250. MMŻeta penalty another PLN 250.

Why did I show my smartphone a second time? I was convinced that I bought a ticket before the controllers appeared on the bus. To the whole thing there is one more problem, namely the separation between time in ticket validators (from which time is taken during checks) and sometimes on the ticket. For sport, when I rode the bus recently, I check if there are deviations between them. It's not bad. The time of the smartphone and validator differed only by a few seconds. Only it is about "only seconds" here.

ZTM cannot punish people for buying tickets in the application.

Our story is not isolated, about how ZTM does not cope with electronic tickets, there are numerous stories. There are usually two guilty - bad will and lack of knowledge among controllers. Ours tried to convince us that if we use the application, we must have a validated ticket before getting on the bus. And this is nonsense and it has two levels.

Passengers using tickets bought on a mobile phone before entering the vehicle should run applications on the device and first pay the transport fee after entering the vehicle.

What's more, the ZTM regulations state that before commencing the check, passengers must be given a chance to cancel their ticket. There is no mention in it that this does not apply to people buying an electronic ticket, or even that travelers, brazenly sitting on the seats, waive this privilege. And of course, the matter is much simpler in the case of physical deletion of tickets - the controller sees that someone is spinning around the validator with the ticket with the potential intention of deleting it and can refrain somewhat, but the fact that it is much more difficult to recognize that someone in the silence of their the cell is making a transaction, it does not release him from the obligation to give it a chance to do so.

Well, unless ZTM believes that we should be able to buy a ticket in a second. Meanwhile, in a second you can't even enter the PIN in the open and prepared to buy the ticket application (if the window with the open PIN is held too long in Jakdojade , the application automatically takes you a step back) not to mention buying a ticket and ZTM really should know about it.

How fast can you buy a ticket at Jakdojade?

I did a small test.

I connected to a fast home wifi, turned off all possible applications from the background, turned on Jakdojade. I warmed my thumbs, I was ready for a deadly race against time. I set a random route, chose the trip and started recording the screen. In full readiness, eager to fight with battle cries, I took the next steps, so fast that my thumbs blurred almost in my eyes - the tickets tab, 20-minute ticket, the "buy and delete ticket" button, halfway through, efficient PIN entry and I already have it, now everything depends on the speed of data rushing to the head, because the application must order and then verify the ticket. Mission accomplished, ticket bought, everything went smoothly.

20 seconds.

Even if we assume (and as I suspect, assumes ZTM) that when I get on the bus, I should already be on the tab that allows me to buy a 20-minute ticket, I save at most a few seconds. The rest can probably be shortened by clicking even faster, having more practice, but one can not do - the application needs time to process the request and it takes its longest.

Even in unrealistic reality, it's about 15 seconds of clicking. And yet, waiting for the bus, we sit in the application not on the tickets, but on the routes, checking if another number arrives, then it won't be faster and if our driver has not fallen into any traffic jam. Sometimes we even want to take a pre-selected position after getting on the bus so that on one hand we do not stand in the door, and on the other do not get into someone while holding the nose on the phone. Sometimes, we want to sit down in horror. Although, as I already know, properly instructed by ZTM, it is absolutely offensive.

Appeal costs, unfortunately not just nerves.

Of course, we wrote an appeal against the summons, although ZTM effectively discourages it at every step by a system of discounts for quick payment of penalty and accruing interest on each day of delay (the fact of appealing does not change anything). Waiting for us to go to court, we risk a much higher penalty than if we put our ears down and pay right away. Oh, such a small reward for being a good citizen.

Until now, it seemed to me that ticket control was supposed to catch people who stow, but maybe in all my naivety I approach the matter badly. Maybe it really is about running in, turning off the ticket validators and getting all those who were in the process of canceling or buying tickets. Such a race is not only undoubtedly more exciting than just boring checking cardboard boxes or scanning codes, it is also definitely more profitable.

And maybe that's what it's all about.

Ps. The fastest phone in the world is OnePlus 6 (it can be black, but then you have to put it in the red housing. It is known that with phones like with cars red are the fastest).

The cost of 1 second late - 250 PLN. Yes ZTM cancels passengers


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