Someone on Allegro sells a 5G protector for PLN 3,700. Tubes and some pebbles

Yesterday we described the scam , which cost almost 1.5 thousand. PLN pendrive supposed to protect us against harmful 5G waves. However, as it turns out, there are many more preying on naivety.

In spite of science and common sense, there is still a relatively small cult in the world and in Poland who see the worst in the 5G network. They are mostly the same people who earlier protested against the universal cellular network, then the universal 3G network and finally LTE. No cases of illnesses caused by the harmful effects of subsequent generations of cellular networks or cases of thought control do not bother skeptics - who probably probably just want to unite under some common banner anyway. No matter how nonsensical.

Unfortunately, some poor and naive people sincerely believe in the harmfulness of all radiation or radio waves of any frequency - and are terribly seeking help to protect themselves and their loved ones from the destruction of humanity Bill Gates. All gullibility prey on their gullibility - such as the creators of a pen drive priced at 1.4 thousand. PLN , which was to create a protective field against 5G with ... a plastic sticker.

World media wrote about the 5GBioShield scam and grub. In this case, we invite reporters to Polish Allegro.

We were invited by one of our readers. He drew our attention to the fact that the said flash drive is nothing standing out from the crowd. All sorts of ridiculously expensive and not having the right to perform their functions protective shields are not lacking on Allegro and probably also on other classifieds websites. We were particularly touched by Chembuster Nano 5G Emerald with 25 kg of emeralds (sic!)

chembuster nano 5g

As we learn from the product description, it protects not only against the alleged harmfulness of the cellular network, but also against equally ominous chemtrails. The device thanks to chembusters with nano technology cleans the sky from chemical spraying and protects against high GSM frequencies including 5G emitted by BTS stations - base stations of mobile telephony. It combines Reich and Croft - Orgon technology and Keshe - Plasma technology. If we understand the rather mysterious description well, the blend of shungite, tourmaline, obsidian and, here quote, a mega strong orgonite mix additionally powered by plasma is responsible for its effectiveness.

The device has a range of up to 100 km, but the seller graciously wishes for only 3.7 thousand. zł. Priceless in exchange for equipment that sends positive Orgon energy (POR) up to the atmosphere, replacing negative energy (DOR) that is now found in huge amounts in the air and in the upper atmosphere .


No chemtrails and 5G. It is terrifying that the manufacturers of such devices actually find willing people. Taken as an example, the seller has 59 ratings on Allegro, all positive. Of course, it is not right for us to look into strangers' wallets and instruct them on what to spend their money on.

However, we are afraid that they did not make an informed purchase - and they believed the spread of grapevine lies of all sorts of pranksters and crafters who are looking for an easy profit on the naivety of uninformed people. It's actually not just scary. This is disgusting.

Someone on Allegro sells a 5G protector for PLN 3,700. Tubes and some pebbles


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