Play transmitter set on fire. 5G opponents are celebrating, and with them the assistant of one of the deputies

The Polish operator's base station burnt down. While Play condemns the attacks on the telecommunications infrastructure in the country, the assistant of the MP to the Polish parliament is pleased with this situation.

A few days ago, Play network users in Lodz may have had coverage issues. It turns out that Don Kichoci of our time are fighting heroically with not windmills, but with base stations of mobile operators.

A few days ago the mast of one of the Polish telecoms burned down, and as What Next noted, this fact was documented by one of the Twitter users. The joys of those who made telecoms and 5G mulch is endless now.

The Play base station, which was consumed by fire, is located in the Łódź Bałuty district at ul. Saint Anna.

Play admittedly neither confirms nor denies that this station belongs to him, but we managed to determine that the fire actually took place, and the mast from the photo actually belongs to this network. The operator shared the following statement with us:

In connection with reports of attacks on telecommunications infrastructure in Poland, the Play network operator declares that such acts bear the hallmarks of criminal activity aimed at the security of the state and citizens. The operator emphasizes that the safety and protection of customers and employees is its highest priority. All such attacks are immediately reported to relevant law enforcement agencies at the highest level - we read in a Play announcement.

The network recalls that "telecommunications infrastructure plays a key role in the functioning of society and the economy." This view, however, apparently does not support ... a person claiming to be a deputy to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

The commentary on the base station fire with photos is publicly available on Facebook.

A person signing up as Piotr Jawornik in his entry expresses the hope that the masts will burn and will burn, and the incident is referred to as "the power of the subconscious." He also encourages people to swear because "it is seen as a prayer."

The user's post, which in the profile states that he is the assistant of Grzegorz Braun, has so far collected 240 likes. Added to this are 59 shares and 55 comments mostly supporting the author of the entry, including not very parliamentary words.

People enjoying this fire apparently disagree with Play regarding the importance of base stations.

Telekom explains that they are "particularly relevant in critical situations, such as the state of natural disaster or the state of epidemics that we are just experiencing." Apparently, this argument does not appeal to people satisfied with the fire.

Efficient and efficient telecommunications infrastructure is essential in reporting accidents and events threatening the health and life of all persons on Polish territory. Attacks on it are the same crime as destroying railway (tracks and traction) or energy infrastructure (transmission lines). The Play network operator condemns the incitement to attack telecommunications infrastructure - we read further in a Play statement

It is extremely sad that there has been a situation in which people supposedly caring for their health and those of their fellow citizens have become a threat to others themselves. Unfortunately, apparently, in our government there is still a place for people who are on the way with anti-vaccine workers, flatlanders and other similar people.

It remains to be hoped now that this was only a one-time case. I also hope that those responsible for arson will be caught and punished accordingly. It is a consolation that Orange has not recently recorded similar base station fires. We are still waiting for Plus and T-Mobile comment on this matter.

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Play transmitter set on fire. 5G opponents are celebrating, and with them the assistant of one of the deputies


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