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Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF

Elevate your riding escapades with the HAPPYRUN HR-G50 Electric Bike, a dynamic fusion of timeless design and state-of-the-art technology. Whether you find yourself conquering rugged trails or effortlessly zipping through your daily commute, this electric bike promises to be your gateway to an exhilarating and stylish ride. With its perfect balance of classic aesthetics and … The post Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF first appeared on XiaomiToday . The post Happyrun HR-G50: Get a Powerful E-bike With up to €70 OFF appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Outriders on the new gameplay. People Can Fly presents its game

Polish People Can Fly studio boasts of another video material presenting their game called Outriders. We already know what to expect from this cooperative shooting.

Already in February this year the first presentation of the new People Can Fly game took place. We learned then that Polish developers who have such brands as Painkiller or Bulletstorm in their portfolio, as well as the spin-off of Microsoft's flagship game series in the form of Gears of War: Judgment, decided to create something of their own from scratch. We are talking about production from the AAA category.

Outriders , because this is the title of the upcoming People Can Fly game, is a loot-shooter prepared in cooperation with Square Enix.

Surely, we will soon get our hands on a shooting with the option of cooperating in defeating increasingly stronger enemies and acquiring increasingly better equipment. I have already had the opportunity to spend a few hours with her and have already shared my gameplay experiences with readers . Now it's time to evaluate the fresh video, where we saw gameplay.

The clip, however, does not start with the game per se , but with a brief introduction to the presented world. The material led by Lucy Hale, which starts the cyclic program Outriders Broadcast, reminds us that we will play here as warriors who have been exposed to some mysterious anomaly, which gave the characters supernatural abilities.

The gameplay in Outriders is based on two pillars, i.e. weapons and ... something like magic.

Each character class will have different skills, and players can choose what kind of weaponry to pair with them. The gameplay will be based mainly on the exchange of fire and the extermination of enemies belonging to different groups that we will face. To this end, we will go to different locations in turn, and today we looked at one of them.

outriders gameplay people can fly

The video material focused on the First City on the planet Enoch, which is the site of the Outriders action. The central part of this agglomeration is the destroyed engine of the ship in which the colonists arrived. The video material explains briefly what was happening on the planet Enoch between the appearance of players on it and their awakening from a long-term coma.

It turns out that the said engine was to be the source of energy for the first human settlement, but was destroyed. The nuclear reactor exploded, which resulted in the loss of drinking water and, as a result, the death of most residents. After decades of anomalous storms, riots and wars, both the First City and the surrounding slums were abandoned.

outriders screenshot 1

The First City is now territory ruled by Exiles.

The player's mission in this location is to find relevant data about the anomaly. In addition to the human opponents we have seen before - both ordinary and assisted by Anomaly - brand new enemies will appear here. These terrible mascaras, which as a result of the action of this mysterious force evolved from the local fauna.

The greatest strength of these monsters is their numbers, because they are such a typical cannon fodder for grinding exp . Players must therefore be careful that they are not surrounded. Fortunately, you can get away by running from place to place, meanwhile, methodically eliminating them with their ability to renew over time, firearms and melee attacks.

outriders gameplay people can fly

Area attacks that strike many enemies at once work well here.

Video material shows that both Pyromancer grenade launchers and fireballs help fight monsters. Players can also be helped by freezing opponents while still. Thanks to them, you can breathe for a moment after a crazy run and get rid of at least part of the bloodthirsty herd before resuming the sprint while waiting for the cooldown .

However, monsters come in many different sizes and colors. The basic ones, which run behind the masses, have primarily red colors, but on their way you can find monsters with gray armor, which are characterized by both high strength and endurance. They also attack primarily in melee, but alone. Added to this are green creatures that throw poison at the player.

outriders screenshot 2

Interface and levels of difficulty in Outriders

The material from People Can Fly focuses not only on locations, monsters and combat, but also on the interface. Developers are aware that players have different expectations - some want to have all the information, including e.g. damage bubbles and a map all the time on the screen, while others prefer a minimalistic HUD. Fortunately, there is full freedom here.

People Can Fly also talked a bit about the level of difficulty of their game today. As mentioned earlier, the game world can be dynamically scaled. If the game becomes too simple, you can raise the so-called World Tier or vice versa - if it bones us, we can lower it. Of course, the higher the level, the better items can be found.

outriders gameplay people can fly

There will be as many as 15 levels of difficulty, and the highest ones will require optimizing your equipment for specific enemies.

However, be careful not to play too often on too high a level of difficulty. To raise the World Tier to the next, you need to collect separate experience points, which works just like in the case of raising the level of the character, and each death involves the loss of some of them.

It is worth raising the difficulty levels not only for the greater challenge, but also for the rewards. For unlocking the next one you can receive an epic item of equipment such as a weapon or a pack of crafting raw materials and a place for additional weapons in your inventory.

outriders gameplay people can fly

Mechanics alone is not everything.

Outriders is not only Excel with slightly better graphics. As part of the first episode of Outriders Broadcast, we learned how to learn about the history of the presented world. In addition to dialogues with the characters, you will come across various documents lying on the ground that will allow willing players to delve into lore .

It is known, of course, that during the game, especially in sessions with other players, it is rarely time to read other people's diaries. Fortunately, all the information obtained during the dynamic exchange of fire can be checked later peacefully in the menu. The glossary has been divided into categories such as Characters, Enemies, Enoch, History, Other.

At the moment, however, the world itself is a bit generic and a bit too colorful and exaggerated for my taste to be taken seriously. I don't have (yet) motivation to go deeper into it, but on the other hand I realize that this is what modern players expect, who love all these Fortnites, LoLs and other Overwatches ...

On the other hand, I enjoy the company's approach to the way the game is distributed. People Can Fly once again reminds, answering the community's questions, that their new production will be devoid of any micropayments and will not be another game-service. For this, the developers do not plan to use the controversial security Denuvo.

Outriders on the new gameplay. People Can Fly presents its game


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