OnePlus is preparing a new cheap smartphone. The premiere is still this year

OnePlus will not become a premium brand. The head of the company ensures that a cheap phone will soon join her portfolio.

About a company that has grown out of the phenomenal price-quality ratio, recently you can say everything, just not that its products are cheap.

OnePlus 8 costs almost 1000 PLN more than the previous OnePlus 7T. OnePlus 8 Pro costs over PLN 1000 more than the previous OnePlus 7T Pro. And while both products are undoubtedly worth the price, yes ... OnePlus has not got used to it.

The company's modus operandi has always looked like this: give as much as possible for as little as possible. With an emphasis on the latter. Meanwhile, it's been years since we last saw the truly "cheap" equipment from the manufacturer's stable. The last such product was probably tiny OnePlus X.

Cheap OnePlus will appear on the market later this year.

Pete Lau, head of OnePlus, announced in an interview with Fast Company that the company sees the need for a cheap phone and that we will see one soon. There were no specifics, but probably talking about the MediaTek OnePlus Z-powered processor, which we expected to see together with OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro.

Everything points to the fact that we will see cheap OnePlus in July this year at the latest, and Pete Lau does not exclude that inexpensive "medium-sized" will be in the company's portfolio permanently. And this is not the end.

OnePlus wants to have its own device ecosystem.

In an interview with Fast Company, Pete Lau also mentioned the direction the company intends to take in the near future. As he says, "building your own ecosystem is a future trend" and this can also be seen in the activities of competitors. Xiaomi has long started to offer products other than phones on the global market. Oppo and Realme also have their complementary products. Not surprisingly, OnePlus is also planning an expansion in this direction.

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This expansion to other territories has already begun somewhat with the debut of a cheap TV on the Indian market. Personally, I hope that OnePlus will get into the European markets with other gadgets, because we have excess TV sets here. Much more I'd like to see a decent smartwatch dedicated to Android devices or truly wireless headphones that would be something more than just a cheeky copy of Apple AirPods, even named in a similar way (I look at you - Realme, Xiaomi, Oppo!).

OnePlus is no longer a niche player in smartphone games. It's time to start playing like big boys.

While OnePlus was a relatively small entity, known only to the most die-hard enthusiasts of new technologies, it could afford to launch one / two devices per year and play only on one price shelf, instead of competing in all fields.

Today, however, OnePlus has entered the mainstream without a doubt. Maybe in Poland he is still a relatively unknown producer because he has only one distributor - store - but abroad, brand awareness is growing rapidly due to extensive marketing activities.

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OnePlus has also increased its rivals. In addition to the largest - Apple, Samsung and Huawei - Xiaomi, Oppo, Realme, and recently even Motorola have grown. The customer has a lot to choose from, especially on the average price shelf, where OnePlus once offered the best products.

So now, OnePlus, if it still wants to grow, must expand its portfolio. He must compete with both top equipment and medium-sized people.

I am very curious how "cheap OnePlus" will do on the market. And will it offer enough added value to dissuade consumers from buying similarly priced devices of better-grounded rivals.

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OnePlus is preparing a new cheap smartphone. The premiere is still this year


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